I make handmade soaps…

I bet you thought my hobby would be way more exciting – Hot Air Ballooning or writing smutty novels under a pseudonym (that’s for the future 💋). Ever since Lush was launched in the UK, decades ago, I have been in love with the idea of making soaps. When we moved to the USA, there were amazing shops like Hobby Lobby where I could indulge my passion.

I didn’t make the wine…it was a gift for Teddy

Teddy absolutely adores my soaps which are now made of high quality melt and pour soap with gorgeous scents. Some of my friends still enjoy getting the occasional one but even I got fed up with it. At the beginning, about 15 years ago, I was going to set up a business and sell at craft stores. There were a couple of orders for mini soaps for baby showers. After the whole house smelled of lilac for a themed shower, I realized I couldn’t stand it.

The little Lone Star soaps were created for expats who were leaving Texas. Aren’t they cute? Do you have any surprising hobbies?

30 thoughts on “I make handmade soaps…

  1. My hobbies are sketching, reading spiritual books and metaphysical books. Gardening, Driving people crazy (my favorite lol) Beachcombing. Thrift store shopping and i did have one steamy wordpress site. It was erotica that left the mind to conclude itself. It was tastefully done. I called it Naughty wild boy. Don’t try it is gone. Soap – speaking of – I use goat milk soap. Today we were in a craft store and we were smelling the candles. The one i would have taken home if it were a soap was sage and eucalyptus. Heavenly. I might go back to buy the candle and just sniff it till the scent is gone. Nice post as always ❤

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  2. This was so inspiring! I’ve been thinking of diving into the soap making hobby too. My favorite hobby is knitting. I’m currently working on two baby hats.

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