Dungarees or Overalls?

My Texan friends always look perplexed when I refer to the outfit above as dungarees, “Oh you mean overalls”.  I checked the web and technically both are right but here, in Texas, my apparel is a ‘bib overall’.  Whatever you want to call them, I had a penchant for a pair two years ago.  On a trip to Scotland in 2019, I found a perfect pair of bib overalls and matching blouse in H & M (in the clearance rack, naturally).  I wondered if I was too old to wear them at age 60 but I think I rock them!

Close up of bib overalls

I still refer to H & M as Hennes from their original name Hennes and Mauritz.  It is a Swedish based company and on one particularly awful trip to Stockholm, the airline lost all our clothes and MY WHEELCHAIR!  There was no offer to lend me one, or connect me to their Red Cross.  They couldn’t give a skit, as they say in Sweden and got the sharp end of my tongue, to no avail.  We needed to get some clothes and headed to Hennes.  I could walk a few yards and perhaps had a stick?  Nothing fitted me but Teddy got the best clothes he has ever worn.  They were finished properly with excellent material and lasted for years.  My new outfit from 2019 was well made too but not quite the same quality. 

As I Googled for H & M, I noticed a variety of forums that suggested that because H & M promoted fashionable clothes it wasn’t an eco-friendly store.  Well, I will still be wearing mine for a decade, as Teddy did his, but I really prefer thrift stores.  I noticed that we have a new baby critter in the garden – a blue tailed Skink.  As you can see, he is the same size as a peanut shell but he will grow to about a foot including his tail.  He is very welcome because he loves tree roaches and cicadas – eat away little skink!

It’s a little fuzzy because it was taken through the window but his dungarees are even cuter than mine!

48 thoughts on “Dungarees or Overalls?

  1. I’ve heard them called both overalls and dungarees, and you look fabulous wearing them! We have the blue-tailed skinks here too but I haven’t seen any yet this year.

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    • Hi Neil – it is definitely aimed at younger folks but who cares?? My husband loves Quicksilver -the surfing brand. I was fascinated by the division between misses and ladies in the department stores. They don’t do that in Europe.

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  2. I think of overalls as what workmen wear? So I would definitely call them dungarees. And they really suit you!! I would never in a million years have thought you were 60.
    I can’t believe they lost your wheelchair!!

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    • Thank you so much! I think it is a UK/US English difference which I still get wrong despite being here for so long. I can’t believe they didn’t try to lend me a wheelchair!!


  3. You are such an inspiration, Kerry 🙂 When I think of dungarees, I think of the 90s. All of my back then favourite TV characters were sporting them: my beloved Rachel Green, Katie Holmes in Dawson’s Creek, 90201’s Tori Spelling… Now seeing you in a pair, I want one for myself, too because you can wear dungarees regardless of your age, height and shape 🙂

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    • Thank you, Aiva! Back in the 70s, I had a pinafore dress in honey colored corduroy and I would love to have it now!! I think we say dungarees east of the Atlantic and overalls on the west. Hoping you are having a lovely weekend! K x

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  4. I call them overalls, but you can most certainly call them dungarees if you want, Kerry. You look good in them, and good in black. The flowers on your blouse really pop and so does your pixie cut hair. And you look like you pose like a seasoned fashionista 😀 I don’t shop at H&M that often (don’t shop that often anyway). I have bought some pieces from H&M that disappointed me, and also a few pieces that I love. It’s a hit and miss shopping kind of place for me.

    Hope that little critter grows up and finds its way 😊

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    • Thank you so much, Mabel! My mum was a model so she taught me all the poses. 😊 I like Old Navy too but it is a hit or miss with how well clothes are made. I love thrift store clothes because they are already a little worn in and feel more comfortable. The pandemic has kept me away from shopping and I still have a closet full of clothes!
      Skinks are quite sturdy and plentiful around these parts. They scare the devil out of some folks as they look like a truncated snake when you first see them. K x


  5. You definitely rock them, Kerry. There is no age limit to any kind of clothes. Dungarees were fashionable when I was a teenager many, many years ago (we called them “overalls” in German then), and I don’t think I have worn any since, but I might try looking for a pair again.

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