The Scream

Mama – I need lunch !!!

This delightful young red-tailed hawk has been waking me up every morning, YELLING for breakfast.  It was such a lovely day seeing the baby close up – they have a huge nest in a pine tree behind our neighbor’s house.

Later that day, we set the night camera out and some squirrels came up to us looking for peanuts which we readily provided.  We looked out at them snacking on their peanuts on the top of the fence.  I turned away and Teddy, gasped “Oh no!”.  The enormous (4 foot wing span) Red Tailed Hawk mother snatched one of the wee squirrels off the fence.  I was distraught and convinced it was my fault although objectively I know it is just the circle of life.

We lived on a farm many years ago and woke up to dead sheep or cattle when they had died in the night.  The farmer would drag the carcass onto the drive next to our house so that the knacker man could pick it up.  It couldn’t go for human consumption.  I adapted to farm life but still grieved each loss as I knew them all personally and had named them (Pal, Ilford, Ermentrude, Toffee, Fudge and Moo were my favorites).  Eventually they all went to market anyway.

I struggled to sleep after the squirrel kill but laughingly realized that we have been running a small farm in our backyard.  The stock is fat and healthy – excellent food for a beautiful hawk.  I won’t put any more peanuts out until winter as they have plenty of food.  Someone else is eating every bud off my hibiscus plant…

Teddy took these fabulous shots of the juvenile, about 60 foot up, with his Canon camera that cost more than me – no dowry from a council house! He was offered many camels for me in Egypt, however, and very kindly turned them down.

46 thoughts on “The Scream

  1. Even though it can be sad, it never ceases to amaze me watching wildlife in their natural habitat. Teddy turned down the camels? You have a keeper. Lovely post, beautiful photo, looking forward to your next post, thank you for sharing.

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    • I doubt it was a true offer of camels – it was my suspicion that he maybe had some donkeys but he offered to through in his mother who was a great cook. It was a hilarious exchange. When I was 14, a Libyan Sheik who was a wealthy young lawyer in London, offered to buy me from my aunt at her party… She played along and I thought she was serious! He was very handsome.


      • Oh. It’s my pleasure. I live in a sleepy town and there aren’t much of a wildlife. My brothers are raising fighting cocks instead. They love this game of chance so much. We’re very far from the forest. The only wildlife I’ve seen are those in zoos.

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  2. Of course we know that predators have to eat to live, but it’s hard when we see it! That was an amazing thing to capture on your backyard video. The ruckus from the wildlife afterward must have been exciting to hear too.

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    • I think it is even harder when the prey is a cute, furry critter but the juvenile hawk is an exquisite bird whose tummy was empty!!! She is still screaming at times but has moved towards the pond. Watch out baby ducklings…😢

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