Blue Lagoon

It’s official – Infinity is a bust!  More precisely, our Pyrex Infinity Pool was not appreciated by our garden critters.  We watched as they walked cautiously around it, looking at it suspiciously. “What did the People do with the old bowl???”  I think they couldn’t see the bottom of it or the edge and it made them wary about how deep it was.  The critters had spoken and we trekked off to our favorite ‘antique’ shop in Tomball  to replace their pool.  We enjoyed our antiquing but you know it is time to stop when you wonder if they would like our stuff…  The precious bowl Blue Lagoon was actually found at the church shop and cost $2.

Infinity’s a bust!

I was tickled that it was a genuine ceramic from the Coushatta Casino Resort in Louisiana. The Coushatta Tribe moved from their home base in south west Louisiana to Alabama to avoid Spanish explorer Hernandez DeSoto after an encounter in 1540.  They relocated back to their homelands and some live in East Texas.  Gambling casinos are illegal in Texas despite a recent bill in the Texas Senate.  Teddy felt that we should have made some miniature roulette tables to our lagoon but it is too hot to be bothered now!

The new Blue Lagoon is a hit with the garden critters as you can see at the top and below with the infra- red camera.  That is an indigenous pack rat sitting on the diving rock.  Given his occupation, he would have loved rummaging through the antique shop.  My favorite find was a George Bush doll! 

Perfect for a pack rat!

Does anyone else remember old school desks that still had the inkwell in them?  By the 60s we had stopped using the inkwell but I do remember having a few fountain pens.  It was a really hot sticky day so Teddy and I enjoyed a wee glass of Pinot Grigio at this lovely outside bar.  Afterwards we realized we hadn’t had any breakfast – we are turning into retired reprobates.

Cheers!! Sláinte!! Salud!! Prost!!

25 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon

    • We don’t usually drink in the morning and it must have been lunchtime (even though it is always 5 pm somewhere, darling)! I have a bad habit of only eating one or two meals a day and just forget to eat.
      I couldn’t handle Pringles and gin at 9am!!!

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  1. Too hot to think for a reply. Yesterday in our area it went up to 146 F. Made a record for the hottest in all of Canada. Today in town here it is going to 39C going to 46C which is 114.8 Farenheit. We have never gotten that heat since I have been in British Columbia. Just unheard of. Fly me a blue lagoon so I can take a dip minus the rat.

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  2. Hi.
    Hope you are well. We have a few of the old desks in the basement but our building is over 100 years.
    I’ve just found out that the slanting dado rail was for children who were sent to the ‘Top of the Class’ at the back elevated position because they were trusted to work well independently.
    Lots of Victorian features which are lovely. I still quite like a fountain pen but pen and ink…. Way too messy.
    Hope you’re enjoying retirement. Don’t think I could drink on an empty stomache. Wish I could but total lightweight now x

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  3. Just look at all the lovely little creatures visiting your garden. Apart from neighbours cats and a few blackbirds, we don’t get to see many wild animals, but then again we live quite close to Sligo city centre. I hope all is well with you, Kerry. Ericeira just ”graduated” from preschool and we are looking forward to having many family adventures during the summer. If only the weather temperatures went over the current 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit, we’d be able to get a tan and go swimming! Cheers 🙂 Aiva

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    • Thank you, Aiva! There are many more visitors but we can’t get them to pose for the camera. We have a cacophony of frogs every night. Congratulations to Ericeira and hoping that the temperatures rise for your vacations! We are having lower than average temps – about 80 F right now but the west is frying with scorching weather. K x

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    • We had lift top desks, too, but I don’t recall much about the fountain pens. We did practice with feathers once for a history lesson and I have so much respect for the creators of the Book of Kells.

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