Fancy Women

One of the many aspects of Texas that I love are the signs. This one tickled me and I wonder what constitutes a fancy woman? This is actually a sign from our next door neighbor, Louisiana. I noticed plenty of ‘fancy women’ in New Orleans….most were drunk as skunks and flashing their boobs from balconies in Bourbon Street.

I like to think of myself as a fancy woman but in the nicest possible way… This is the ‘skirt that disappeared’. Just before the Pandemic started I ordered a maxi skirt from American Eagle. After some weeks they got in touch to say that the skirt was no longer available. I completely understood given the chaotic situation but eventually started to wonder when I would get my refund. Just as I was getting ready to complain, my skirt arrived in the mail three months later. I had absolutely nowhere to wear it but finally it came out on my birthday, one year later.

This sign was on the Cantina next to our Cajun restaurant. It reminded me of a sign on a major toll road in Houston that made me laugh every time I saw it. It was a ramshackle old sign with mismatched letters leading to a very insalubrious bar in an industrial area, along the train tracks. “Our beer is colder than your ex wife’s heart…” I imagine that only ‘fancy women’ would ever dare go there!

As for the Cantina, all margaritas make you sexier. They didn’t reference the type of meat – that’s always suspicious…

I love marinas and this one at Lake Conroe has got way fancier as the decades have passed. Last year there was a Trump rally in boats on the lake – there was another on Lake Travis in the north of Texas where 4 of the boats sank. I will leave you to imagine how I felt but let’s just say schadenfreude was involved. Before you ask, no one died – there was too many boats on the lake at the same time. The Devil looks after his own…

39 thoughts on “Fancy Women

  1. So if I were to call to my wife in the other room and call her a “fancy woman,” I might get slapped in the face? Oh, the English language, it sure does play tricks on us. Ha, ha. One moment, fancy is relatively positive adjective, the next it means something altogether different! Interesting how words have changed over time. With that in mind, I’ll think I’ll take the safer route and just call her by name!

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    • I think that is wise, Brian! Thank you for the comment. I am still a little confused about the term fancy women but I doubt it could be anything other than women of the night. What fascinated me even more was which port where they departing from to arrive at New Orleans… It had to be somewhere on the Mississippi. πŸ˜€

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  2. That is quite the sign your neighbour picked up. I guess judging by what’s written on the sign, fancy women would be those accompanying the gamblers…could be drunk and flashing themselves as you mentioned. Fancy women also conjures up the image of women with their hair done up nicely, or if referring to attitude, women who go along with what the men do during certain eras.

    Good to hear the skirt arrived in the mail after a few months. Better late than never. It actually looks good on you and the length suits! Love your model pose too 😎

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    • Thank you for your comment and compliment, Mabel. The sign was in a Louisiana style restaurant and I am not entirely sure what it means. Given that they lumped Gamblers into the same category, I guess they were talking about women of ill-repute? I imagine that they would be all done up fancy to get the best prospects…πŸ˜€

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  3. Extraordinarily beautiful smile, sexy split in the long skirt that finally arrived… and a rather bizarre text that, after translation, turns out to be a little harsh on the woman. Strange people those Americans πŸ˜€

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  4. I love your humour and the way you write, Kerry! Your blog post about Fancy Women and funny signs was just what I needed to pop up on my WordPress feed after a long and rainy working week. You cheered me up. Thanks for sharing and I hope all is well. Just a few weeks until kids go back to school, the summer months certainly flew by! Take care πŸ™‚ Aiva xx

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    • Thank you so much, Aiva, and I am so glad I was able to brighten up your dreary day! The kids are already back to school in some areas here. We have had a lovely summer with milder than usual temperatures. The Delta variant is filling up hospitals here again so we are staying close to home. K x

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