Cute Baby Animals!

I felt like I needed an antidote to my last post…  Over the past few weeks, I noticed that the water in the Infinity Pool and Blue Lagoon was murky.  I had my suspicions so we put the night camera out.  My heart melted when I saw these baby raccoon kits.  The next night we put out some of our old cat’s toys and the kits didn’t disappoint.  It has been really hot so they loved having a wee bath. Perhaps they are bathed more than Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ kids?

Raccoons are part of the Procyonidae family widely spread through North and South America.  There are 7 species, from Alaska to Argentina, and include Coatimundi and Kinkajou.   Their original Latin name, Ursus Lotor, referred to their perceived habit of washing their paws.  As omnivores they will eat food in shallow water but the real reason for them moving their webbed paws in a washing motion is because they use them as vibration sensors.  Our kits were about the size of the Pyrex dish (although apparently two can fit at a push…)  In my mind, they look like a cute little bear/cat/dog hybrid.

Mother raccoon did not appear on camera so she was probably resting in the reserve, leaving the kits in the Garden of Raccoon Delights.  Raccoons usually have 2 to 8 kits but it’s likely that our 6 kits are cousins. Female raccoons sometimes live together to raise their kits – the original Sister Wives?  The biggest raccoon I have seen in our yard was as big as a Bulldog – their weight ranges from 5 to over 50 lbs.  Mrs Stripe, who was a street cat from Egypt, looked at it with utter astonishment.  It didn’t smell like a dog or a cat, so what was it??

Striped tails are my weakness so I smile every time I look at the video.  They are so small, fluffy and playful!  In another video we heard them whining for Mama.  It sounded like a puppy whining softly.  In general raccoons can make a variety of noises – yowling, growling, hissing, purring, chirping and cooing.  This litter was really quiet and I couldn’t hear them even though they were feet away from my bed.  What goes on in our yard at night?  It’s a magical, if occasionally stinky, place.

38 thoughts on “Cute Baby Animals!

  1. That’s a whole lot of info on raccoons that I didn’t know before! Thank you! And I had no idea that it got dark so early at this time of year! I would have sworn that I had been to Texas later in the year and it not getting dark til past 9. Just shows how memory is a fickle friend sometimes.

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  2. Your garden is magnet for wildlife, Kerry and I totally get your excitement! Just a few weeks ago we went to visit Flying Eagles which is the Irish Raptor Reaserch center and much to our surprise, they had a racoon casualty walking around. We were able to feed and cuddle him and I was completely in awe, they are such wonderful animals 🤗

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    • Aren’t you lucky to be able to cuddle a raccoon!! We have to keep them wild for their own protection. During a drought, 10 years ago, we had twin kits coming to the door for water. They were trying to open the door to come into the house! I have been to a raptor rescue site before and it is astonishing – not that we have any shortage of raptors…K x

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  3. They live everywhere, even in the city, where there’s many hills and yards, use to see them in LA neighborhoods, even near downtown at night crossing the streets, once at my place a whole family try to get through a window into the house, some people say they are quite destructive if they do that, of course they are looking for food.

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  4. They look big for kits, but I guess everything is bigger in Texas. We used to occasionally run into raccoons when I was growing up (country), but we were always warned about them being rabid. We had a small dog so that’s why my parents were worried about them. Interesting to see the kits playing – very cat like. And yes, a good change of pace from life’s more mundane challenges. Ha, ha.

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  5. I used to live behind a wooded area and a raccoon family of 4 would come visit my back porch every night.. they’re so adorable and cute.. I just want to hug them and squeeze them and call them George.

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