Teddy’s Boo-Boo Et Cetera

The God of Health (Valkyre Eir perhaps?) has not been looking after this household.  I thought we had sufficient animal sacrifices; the skunk under the deck quickly followed by a lovely dead rat (“Is hamster?”) First it was my eyes – which are much better and thank you for all your good wishes – and now Teddy’s rather dashing blue stitches.

Teddy went for his annual dermatological inspection and our doctor honed in on this tiny wee mole (a millimeter in diameter) on his forehead.  Over his adult life he has had dozens of moles removed but all were benign.  It went to the lab and within two days the surgeon had removed the basal skin cancer and surrounding tissue.  That is the most common type of cancer and the least worrisome of the skin cancers unless you ignore it.  European immigrants who move to hot places have to be particularly cautious.  If I had a dollar for every time I said, “Have you put sunscreen on and where is your hat?”

His surgeon looked about 14 years old but this is just from our aged perspective…  It’s the same with firemen and police.  She said, “I am just wondering how to place the stitches to fit in with your forehead lines.”  Teddy laughed and responded, “You mean the wrinkles!” The surgeon gasped and said, “We don’t use the W word in here!”  They also perform plastic surgery along with dermatological procedures.  We were delighted at how quick the procedure was and Teddy can now relax (but wear a bloody hat).

Our neighbor’s father has just died of Covid despite being inoculated and our hospitals are full.  I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist tomorrow for a postponed colonoscopy.  I wanted to cancel the elective procedure again but he is not scheduling until 2022, so fingers crossed.  Our air quality in the Houston area has been bad.  Somewhat surprisingly because of Saharan dust and smoke from the western wildfires.  It really is a small world; even smaller for me because I have stayed inside to heal my scratched eyes.

Our floral coleus spikes are magnificent (future post), the raccoon kits are getting bigger and we are awaiting Tropical Storm Nicholas.  This year we don’t really need the rain so they have reduced Lake Houston and we sit praying to the God of Weather, Freyr. Actually, that’s a lie – we will just be watching the weather channel and Netflix in tandem.   My favorite program is Ice Road Truckers when it is hot and humid down here. Our electricity provider has already warned us about the storm and I hope that doesn’t mean they wish to be absolved from potential blackouts.

Hope your God or Gods are keeping you safe and healthy!

47 thoughts on “Teddy’s Boo-Boo Et Cetera

  1. More sacrifices needed! 😦 Sorry about Teddy’s scar but I assume he’s not to bothered? 😉 When my son was 7, he had the tiniest mole you can imagined removed from his cheek. It was really a pen-nib size and the doctor insisted it be removed and he was young enough not to scar. Yup, you guessed it, he still has a scar about the size of a Euro on his face 😦
    Glad to hear that you are recovering well and wish you all the best for tomorrow! 🙂

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  2. Nice post for a cover up of Husband battering lol. I just finished my book and now the editing. Have you concidered a book to write about your adventures. I’m sure they will be a hit with the readers. Something to consider and lay off your husband lol

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  3. Hi I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, where tornadoes historically have been rare. But there has been a bunch of them in recent weeks, including some that arrived in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Ida’s tornadoes caused incredible damage and flooding. We are living in strange, unpleasant times.

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    • Hi Neil – I was surprised at the damage caused by Ida as it went north. Down here we have to come to terms with regular storms or hurricanes or life becomes unbearable. Having said that, the flooding usually goes quickly because of the deltaic bayous but if you are unlucky your house is flooded. We finally gave away our 15 year old generator to a young contractor. It kept breaking down because it was only used intermittently. 🤞

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  4. Kerry
    l hope Teddy has learned his lesson and will start listening to you from now on 😉
    I am glad that it was caught early, before it gotten bad. He should tell people he got into a bar fight and got hit in the head with a bottle.
    Wishing you well with the colonoscopy!
    Blessings! ♥♥

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  5. I’m glad your husband is doing okay and they caught it early! So sorry about your neighbor’s father, and the fact that your hospitals are full. I sincerely hope you get your colonoscopy on time… those are so important, and I hate how Covid has caused the delay of important health screenings!

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    • Thank you so much, Ann. I have to admit I enjoyed having an excuse not to go to screenings… But this year we have caught up. My colonoscopy is booked for January – he is a busy guy and lots of old people live here! 👵👴

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  6. Hi, Kerry, I am glad to hear your eyes are much better! Wishing your husband a fast recovery. I am with you about the importance of sunscreen – wearing sunscreen is one of the best — and easiest — ways to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age. Good luck with your appointment 🙂 Aiva xx

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  7. I am glad Teddy is ok. It sounds like you have had some tough places to navigate over the last period of time. Your resilience and solid perspective through this, is noticeable, appreciated, and admirable. 🤍🤍🤍💗💗💗

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  8. Teddy does seem to have such a good sense of humour about his scar and stitches. Best wishes to him and hope he won’t have any more of these. When I was younger I fell down and skid my knees and legs, bright right all over and they scared for many year, and luckily they faded away at some point. I wouldn’t have minded if they stayed – scars often give you a good story to tell. Hope your appointment went well.

    And as thespiritkeeper said, maybe you should write a book about your adventure 😛

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