500 posts

I have had so many opportunities to celebrate anniversaries on my WordPress blog. First it was 10 followers, then 500, then an unbelievable 2576 but I hesitated. It is never too late, so – Thank you very much to my followers and friends in the WordPress community. Your kind words have been a source of comfort during a challenging time in our lives. So many of my original blogging friends have stopped posting in the last two years. Even more sadly, some have died and we miss them. Their spirit lives on in their writing.

Then I received this notification of 500 posts and felt it was time to honor my love of writing. When I first started blogging, I was only interested in writing travel posts but as I started reading other blogs I wondered about sharing even more. Admittedly, some of my posts were just drivel, or contentious, and I have deleted quite a few… It always puzzles me which posts generate the most comments or likes. Floral Spike was one of my most recent successes and I was surprised that gardening was so popular.

These are some of the categories that I have chosen to write about with links to my favorite posts: –

Travel – Mayapan Ruinas – sshhh

Fashion and Lifestyle – Fall Fashion

Mental Health – Mental Illness is a REAL Illness

Family History – Forgotten Family Faces

Wildlife – Cute Closeups

Cats – The Last Cat

Fiction – The Dystopian State of Texas – 2038

Personal – Body Image

Miscellaneous – My Love of Languages

I have posted a new avatar photo that better reflects my life now. Every time I looked at my previous image, it felt like someone else. I am older with a new hair color for autumn. Maple spice, perhaps? It is really just a mix of stuff in my hair color box and I will not be able to replicate it. Like so many others, I am looking forward to having my hair professionally dyed once the Delta Variant has been tamped down. So, so excited about going out for a steak dinner!

Thank you for reading and connecting with me – your friendships mean the world. πŸ’•

63 thoughts on “500 posts

  1. I’m also really hoping to see the back of Covid. I’ve not even been to a coffee shop for 18 months. Who ever would have thought it would have become like this? 😦

    On brighter news, I love the photo & congratulations on the amazing milestone! I’ve also noticed many original blogging friends have ceased their blogs and it’s painfully sad when you hear of a blogger passing away. You’re right though, their spirits will live on through their writing and in this warm blogging community.

    Here’s to the next 500 posts πŸ˜‰

    Caz xx

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  2. Congratulations on 500 posts Kerry. What an achievement. I enjoy reading your posts a lot and love your sense of humour that shines through your writing. The WordPress community is such a supportive community. Like you, I have encountered some blogging friends who have stopped posting over the last couple of years. They must either have found meaning in other activities or doing it hard – and really hope all of them are well.

    Hope to read more from your Kerry. And go treat yourself to a lovely hair appointment when the time comes πŸ™‚

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