The Hawk Conundrum

I walked into the living room and wondered why I was there.  As I tried to retrace my steps in my befuddled head, I could sense someone watching me intently.  Turning around to look out the window, I spotted a beautiful red-tailed hawk sitting on the fence.  This one was fully grown with a white and brown knitted vest – very fashionable this year.  She was communing with me, as follows.

HAWK – Hello Squirrel Lady.

KERRY – Hello Magnificent Hunter of squirrels.

HAWK – May I have one of your squirrels?

KERRY – They are not available on demand but you can hunt them when I am not looking.

HAWK – Thank you.

Then it flew off, leaving me laughing.  I have started feeding the squirrels again as winter beckons and it is bloody freezing.  They are getting nice and fat at Kerry’s organic squirrel farm.  The hawk has been screeching and I wonder if there is a late born baby.  The weather has been very mild until now.  Now I listen for screeching and feed the squirrels under the chairs or bushes.  It’s a win-win.

It has been a strange week.  Today I have my first in person appointment with my psychiatrist in two years.  I was offered a job through Linked In last week but it was in Austin.  On Friday I have my first contract job since the Pandemic started – unless they cancel the flight because of the Omicron variant.  On Sunday Teddy drove off with a friend’s fully packed car and trailer to Washington State – he is currently in New Mexico or Utah.  You should have seen us physically move the trailer down our sloped drive to the awaiting car – fitter than we thought!

This is a throw back photo to a fabulous trip to Abu Dhabi where I held my first falcon. Pala was boarding at the most luxurious falcon resort until her owner went hunting with her again. Pala was worth considerably more than me… As a child and young woman I had a phobia about birds and would run screaming from a pigeon in a square. Exposure therapy really works.


49 thoughts on “The Hawk Conundrum

  1. Even as predators they are beautiful birds. We have the bald eagle here and if you ever be graced with them flying low above your head you will see their wingspan that can be 7 ft across. I know they go after small dogs and kittens. Not to diminish squirrel by the red tailed hawk. They are both predators and if you don’t see it the better off you will be. Hope your day is bright and if not sending you sunshine in your pocket and stay warm.

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  2. We have a hawk which visits but a fairly dull grey. You have some wonderful wildlife but I’m happier with robins and sparrows!
    Perhaps you were traumatised with Stephen’s pigeons? I know I was🤣
    Hope your contract work goes ahead although flights are being cancelled here again.
    Hope you and Andy have the most lovely Christmas with all of your animals and birds. New name…. Dr Doolittle x

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    • I wonder what your hawk is – he is just wearing a sophisticated grey outfit. 😂 Up until now, I had completely forgotten about Stephen’s pigeons. No, it was Nana’s wee budgie that did it. Hope your Christmas is wonderful! K x

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  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a bird of prey in a wild. They are such magnificent birds said to have a vision that is about eight times more acute than humans. I hope your contract work goes ahead, Kerry. Who knows what’s going to happen now with the new Omicron variant – are we ever gonna see the end of the pandemic? I hope all is well 🙂 Aiva xx

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  4. Hi Kerry,
    That’s a conversation I, too, might have had with a hawk: “If you need to eat someone from our yard, please do so when I’m not looking.” Sometimes they listen, but sometimes they don’t. It’s a part of nature that I prefer not to witness. But we don’t always get what we wish for.
    Holding that falcon must have been an amazing experience.
    Take care,

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    • I was so excited to be back at the airport again! Everything went great and there are contracts coming up but Covid hospitalizations are on the rise again – both Delta and Omicron. Que sera, sera.


  5. Predators are beautiful and regal looking but it would be difficult to watch them in their natural mode, killing and eating small creatures. We have bald eagles here, although they are hard to spot. I have seen one pick up a fish out of the lake and carry it off. A moment I couldn’t catch on camera but it was quite amazing.

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