Down-Home Christmas

Keep it simple this holiday season. We are in year two of this pandemic and it is so wearying. Some of our visits to family or friends might have to be postponed. When I feel stressed about this, I remember that all four of my grandparents lived through the WWI, WWII and the Spanish Flu pandemic! I bet they had many years when they wondered if life would ever get back to normal and what would that look like? My father in law spent at least four Christmas’s in a POW camp in East Germany, working in a salt mine.

Our trip to our favorite town of Tomball snapped us back to reality. Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. We will be alone this year and it will be fun. Pajamas and Netflix are on the menu. A friend gifted me some fresh chestnuts last week. I haven’t seen any for a decade. After boiling them, Teddy and I stood laboriously taking the double skins off. The internet advice about how to make this task easier was POPPYCOCK!! I cut myself, broke my nail down to the quick and ate half of what I was peeling. They tasted amazing.

Teddy hates nutcrackers in the same way that others hate clowns. It was very kind of him to sit in front of them – nervous but tentatively smiling. It is an historic Texas German town so there has to be nutcrackers, eh? I was amazed by the ingenuity of the various store owners. The white painted bike below is my favorite. The simple town tree in the last photograph is accompanied by a decorative oil derrick because most of Texas is sitting on oil or gas. Very little is drilled in our area anymore but we still have capped oil wells in our peaceful forest.

We passed a church food pantry with a line of cars as we walked through the town center and that gave me pause to be grateful. I am making a simple vegetable stir fry with the aforementioned dratted chestnuts on the 25th. As long as it is made with love, it will taste amazing.

On a final funny note, I ‘allowed’ Teddy to come to the supermarket with me yesterday. He skipped to the car for this special treat. He can go alone to the store but MUST NOT call me on the cell phone like the other dimwit husbands. Teddy has two degrees – figure it out! I parked the car and as we were walking to the door I noticed he was futtering with the buttons of his fleece. Not once but twice had he buttoned them in the wrong order. I rolled my eyes and gave him the withering stare that says, ‘Euthanasia is not off the table’. (Is it Euthanasia if Teddy isn’t willing??) Then I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Remember to enjoy the little things.


49 thoughts on “Down-Home Christmas

  1. Haha, that sounds a happy end to the end – always good to close with a laugh and a smile! πŸ™‚
    On a more sombre note, yes, you are so right, we really have had it amazingly easy up until now, compared to earlier generations! Sorry to hear about your F-i-L but thankful he made it home eventually!

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  2. What a lovely post, Kerry πŸ™‚ Christmas is almost here and planning is in full swing now. Have you ever stopped to think about how much time and planning we put into one day? Yes, it’s one lovely day, but still, kinda crazy when you think about it! This year, I am intentionally choosing a slow and simple Christmas that’s full of love, connection, and simple traditions. Our holidays might be imperfect by social media standards, yet oh so beautiful as I usually ignore the pressure to keep up. Best wishes for a joyous Christmas filled with love, happiness and prosperity πŸ™‚ Aiva

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    • We used to call my Mum the Christmas Dictator with her insistence on the perfect table, gifts, tree and bloody Xmas pudding!! She couldn’t help herself – it was an odd part of her complex mental illness. Teddy was very good at distracting her and making her laugh. As much as I miss her, even after 20 years, I really prefer our much simpler festive occasions. Our American neighbors are very good at making handmade cookies or cakes which are the perfect gift.
      PriecΔ«gus ZiemassvΔ“tkus!! K x


  3. Such good advice, Kerry: Enjoy the little pleasures; stop to smell the flowers, to listen to the birds, to hug a tree. And your husband, even if he doesn’t know how to button his fleece. 😊
    Wishing you good cheer, health, and happiness,

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  4. Happy Christmas to you and Teddy Kerry. You’re right, our generation lives in golden times compared to many in the past, and our troubles are small by comparison. Tomball looks cute but I wonder how it got to be a city? I like the Christmas tree which seems to mock or mimic that oil well (?) in the park.

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    • Texas legal history is complex. Back in the day, Tomball would have been reasonably remote. Towns become cities when they have their own police and fire services/legal autonomy etc. Tomball has 10,000 residents but our Township has 100,000 residents. We all voted against becoming a city.
      I suspect the tree was an homage to the derrick which allowed these poor farming communities to become wealthy until the oil ran out. It’s Saudi Arabia with cowboys…🀠

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