Resolutions, meh…

I think I can say with confidence that generic resolutions in January should be banned.  We feel guilty for overindulging in the festive season and are determined to become a better, slimmer or more perfect person.  This period of time, between Christmas and New Year, is always difficult for me and I quickly get maudlin.  Regrets fill my head but what’s the point?  January is always a bit bleak even in the tropical south and it is not a good month to start a new regime.  Early humans always faced feast or famine so they didn’t need resolutions.  They were too busy trying to survive.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to be healthier, happier, more creative or whatever flicks your switch.  Most resolutions are a lifelong challenge so a typical resolution puts too much pressure on poor old January…  February is nice and short – why not try that month?  You can even coordinate it with Lent, if you are that way inclined.  Last summer I discovered that my cholesterol was crazy high, so my Summer Solstice resolution was to not die sooner than anticipated.

Inevitably and frustratingly, most people have commented that I am too thin.  I am not, but more importantly MY CHOLESTEROL IS LOWERED!  I have let things slip in December – not so much the squirrel diet but the exercise.  There has been too much imbibing and that makes me want to lie on the sofa watching the Hallmark Channel.  Teddy and I have been addicted to the Holiday Baking Show which hasn’t helped. “Let’s have a drink and imagine an espresso mousse encased in chocolate.”

Here are some of my unfinished or unattainable resolutions from last year –

  • Finish one of the drafts of my two unfinished books and myriad other embryonic ideas
  • Publish my fairy stories
  • Write a book about my cholesterol lowering diet
  • Not behave like a snapping turtle around my beloved Teddy
  • Cook more (I am not a squirrel)
  • Go out of the house every day
  • Look younger
  • Wear leggings less
  • Adapt to retirement
  • Grow my hair long and plait it
  • Read a book or even finish a magazine
  • Go dancing every week
  • Be consistent with blogging

Without plastic surgery, I cannot look younger.  Make-up and fashionable clothes can deceive me or you for a time but then I look in the mirror.  My cholesterol lowering diet was incredibly boring, not worthy of publishing, and that was part of its success for me.  I could, theoretically, go dancing every week but my bed calls out to me so alluringly…like a fluffy siren.  Do I need to be consistent with blogging or writing – who the heck cares except me?

These last two years have been hard enough for all of us without silly resolutions.  Take one little step at a time.  If you fail and drink a whole bottle of cheap red wine on January 7th – just say you are celebrating Orthodox Christmas.  If you are an atheist – just make up a new Winter Festivus.  I don’t want to discourage anyone from making good changes in their life just don’t set yourself up to fail.  That makes you feel twice as bad.  I started cooking BEFORE January 1st as illustrated above – gluten free mini cornbread loaves.  One has olives, one has sun dried tomatoes and the other is plain.  I intend to eat them with real butter and pray to the cholesterol Goddess, aka Olive Oil.


55 thoughts on “Resolutions, meh…

  1. You mean my new exercise plan isn’t going to turn back time and turn me into a Brad Pitt look-alike? I’m devastated! Oh geez! You’ve crushed my dreams. Dream killer. Alas, I think you’re right. Ha, ha. Instead, I’ll have to settle on a few small changes, maybe even a few small wins. Yes, you are absolutely right. Here’s to a 2022 – not full of life-changing resolutions and instead full of small changes that overtime mean big results and confidence in who we see looking back at us in the mirror! I’ll take that over Brad Pitt any day of the week. My wife might not, but I will. Ha, ha. Best wishes for a wonderful 2022.

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  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kerry to you and Andy.
    I agree. It’s hard enough getting through January never mind resolutions! February is a good idea 👍
    Hope 2022 brings you health and happiness.
    Lots of love ❤️
    Anne x

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  3. You are so right, Kerry, in cautioning us about resolutions. I also quit making them a long time ago. There are goals I have for my everyday and overall life, but they determine how I live out my days on this earth and not how I start a new year.
    But you are wrong about the blogging. I would miss you if you stopped, as would many others, I’m sure. 😊
    Happy New Year. Enjoy those cornbread loaves, your red wine, and whatever else might be on the menu.

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  4. My new year’s resolutions always go the way of the dodo, so I have stopped writing or wishing for any a long time ago. But then again I always set the bar too high so what else can I say😜
    Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2022 brings us all joy, good health and happiness🎉

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  5. I laughed out loud at your list of unfulfilled resolutions from last year. You clearly had way too many! One or two is enough to handle, if you even want to do that, and you can choose any month you like. Hope you have a good year!

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  6. Haha, nice perspective Kerry. No point in adding to our existing worries. I’m happy that you have other books in the pipeline. Get them out there. Have you looked at going vegan, for health purposes as well as ethical? It’s an easy win. In any event, Happy New Year 🙂

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  7. I like resolutions. It takes me at least two years to complete them. No need for a ‘new’ New Year’s Resolution every year. Some just have to ‘roll over’ until I figure out where they fit in my life. But, I’m in total agreement that you don’t have to pressure yourself come 31st December.
    There is another way. Use a ‘theme’ for a year or even a quarter. The resolution, “Exercise more” could mean a regular walk, tennis with friends, Peleton, gardening, kettlebell swings. The important thing is that you move for twenty minutes per day instead of fighting to be ‘motivated’ to go jogging for an hour.
    I hope this helps someone.

    All the best in the new year.

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