My first Covid Test

I have been feeling unwell for a few weeks.  Nothing serious, just an irritating cough, sore eyes (again) and fatigue.  I am thrice vaccinated – that sounds vaguely Shakespearian, nay?  It has been another strange Christmas with the Omicron variant and eventually I wondered if that’s what I had.  We have been venturing out a little more knowing that we are likely headed into an endemic from a pandemic but still wear masks most of the time.  There is also a sort of malaise about January with the anticlimactic sensation after the excitement of Christmas.  As you age, the excitement is tempered, but I still like the fairy lights and baubles (chocolate and booze, too).

The test was negative and I am torn.  Part of me would like to get it over and done with (if we are all going to get Covid eventually).  I worked at an international airport for a decade or more.  Travel took me to places with SARS and MERS.  My husband became ill in February 2020 and it was almost certainly Covid but I didn’t so I wonder if I might be lucky enough to be immune.  That aside, what ails me currently?  When looking for answers, I gravitate towards my mental illness despite how much that annoys me when doctors suggest that first.  I know that my anxiety can amplify even a physical ailment.

Last April we had a new air conditioning system installed – the old one was 17 years old and at the end of its life.  It worked perfectly all summer but in October we noticed a mildew smell coming from the vents when we switched it from hot to cold.  The installer was really quick to respond but after several visits (and treatments) the smell persists.  We put a lot of thought into choosing the best system for our house and then got quotes from various installers.  Teddy and I were both stressed at having any problems on such an expensive purchase, made worse by the Pandemic keeping us close to home and at the mercy of the HVAC.  Google has made me an expert in HVAC systems – similarly, I can now practice medicine…

It turns out that there is a fault with the coil and the manufacturer is sending a new one.  The installer thanked me for my patience despite how irritating it has been.  He implied that some of his customers would have flipped.  I am a fairly calm person but I realized that I am actually quite Zen right now.  There didn’t seem any point in taking my temper out on the installer.  We are all a little stressed right now and the last thing I want to be is one of those people who take their angst out on everybody.

There is a syndrome called HVAC sickness and it is possible that the dodgy coil is causing or exacerbating my cough and sore eyes.  The installer put in a free virus/mold killing system that may help the situation until it is fixed.  Or, it could also be one of those regular viruses that we used to get pre-Covid.  Remember those halcyon days when we didn’t recoil when someone coughed? If nothing else, our strange life right now has given me a little more perspective.

I went to a drive-through pharmacy for my Covid test and could sense the pharmacist was rolling her eyes at my incompetence.  Firstly, I couldn’t get the packet open because I had the wrong glasses on.  I dropped them and peered at the packet like Mr. Magoo.  Then I lost the lid to the reagent and couldn’t see where you were supposed to snap off the swap before putting in the container.  Finally, I made Teddy put it in the box for medical samples but had the sanitizer ready for him when he returned to the car.  Well, at least I will know how to do the next test!

44 thoughts on “My first Covid Test

  1. The first time I took a Rapid Antigen Test I had no idea what I was doing. I thought it was an at home pregnancy test. So don’t worry about looking stupid. When it comes to first times we always do. I enjoyed the post 🙏

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  2. Hi Kerry.
    Watch out for famous last words! I spoke to a colleague on a Friday early November and said I must be immune to covid because I work with 400 children and their parents daily and had no time working from home throughout the pandemic but hadn’t caught covid. 3 days later bang! Full blown delta thought my number was up! Serious respiratory infection for three weeks.
    I’m glad it’s not covid that you have and hope you don’t catch it.
    Laughing at your drive through test🤣
    Keep well.
    Love Anne x

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  3. I think one of the worst things about this virus is that we are all afraid we have it any time we get sick with anything. As for the test, don’t be so hard on yourself: those things are tricky the first time we do them!

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  4. I just recovered after getting it for the 2nd time. Last year was way worse and during those three months I felt like I was on deaths door… this round felt like the flu. The highlight of being sick this round was the bum shot that I threw a mini fit over and now a month later my bum is still bruised. 🤣😂Lol.

    I’m happy to hear it isn’t covid! But, it sucks that it could be your ac unit. I hope you feel better soon. Sending you positive vibes. 💞

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  5. HI Kerry,
    I am sorry about your issues. I am glad that the HVAC is on its way to being fixed. Such an annoyance to spend top dollar and still have issues.
    As far as the covid test, I am confused. Did you do the home test, but you still had to send it away for the results? if not, why wouldn’t the pharmacy handle all those details?
    I have always been an anxious person, but having covid made it worst. I hope we can keep our anxiety in check.
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

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    • I went to a drive through pharmacy, Ana. They pass the sealed bag with test through the window and you have to self administer. All the at home tests had run out!!
      Have a lovely weekend! 💞


  6. I’d be exactly the same with the testing apparatus, I’ve not been tested yet and the whole thing is winding down here just now. As you say, sad that people are being snippy with (in particular) bar staff and waiting staff who have been under constant pressure trying to follow constantly changing rules.

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  7. “As you age, the excitement is tempered, but I still like the fairy lights and baubles (chocolate and booze, too).” It is my first time reading one of your blogs and I immediately love these words from yours, haha. 😅 Hoping for your safety, good health, happiness! 😊

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