Which suitor did I choose?

It was Valentine’s Day 1976 and I received two anonymous Valentine’s cards.  I can still remember my excitement.  The cards and envelopes were scrutinized as deeply as a Forensic Files crime.  If it was in 2022, I would have extracted the DNA from the saliva on the envelope…  Shortly after I received the cards, two boys in our ‘Glee Club’ asked me out and then I was convinced who sent which one.  But was I correct in my analysis?

I was so mortified by the Dragon card and the pink ‘tail’.  At 15 years old, I understood the implication but I was horribly naïve despite a clinical Roman Catholic health education which, as intended, put me off everything sexual.  Thank goodness Nana had passed away the previous year.  She would have declared it vulgar and made me wear a Burka to school.  Our uniform, which included regulation American tan tights with white knee socks on top, should have been enough to tamp down the boys’ lust!  My mum laughed out loud but I could see that she was thinking, “who sent that?”

The Tiger card was so different – sweet, beguiling and innocent.  The sentiment was delightful and the sender knew I loved all kinds of kitty cats.  The true love of my life was Tibby, my first cat.  I talked about her so much in school, that at our 25-year school reunion, old school mates asked me how she was?  She crossed to the rainbow bridge many years before. 

Kerry, idyllically happy with textbook and sleepy Tibby

Of the two suitors, only one appealed to me. V was an exotic half breed like me.  He was half Italian/half Scottish with black hair and pale blue eyes.  At the time I thought I was half Spanish/half Irish but I turned out to be a Heinz variety.  The other boy, W, was averagely handsome with a vague resemblance to Starsky of Starsky and Hutch fame but there was zero attraction from my end.  With that in mind, I determined that V. had sent the tiger card as he was a soft spoken, kind natured boy (liked by all mothers).  By process of elimination, that meant W. had sent the ribald Dragon card.  I turned him down and went out with V.

My short courtship with V. started so well.  He smelled so good and seemed interested in going further than first base but we didn’t.  We sat for hours listening to Tangerine Dream. His mother did not like me.  I can’t think of any reason for her to feel like that but I suspect she felt very uncomfortable with her oldest son, aged 16, having lustful thoughts for the pretty senorita.  She was lucky that Nana is always in my head or we might have got to second base…

After a few weeks, I was bored and dumped poor V. by kissing another Glee Club member in front of him.  My girl friends castigated me and I remember them comforting V. who was crying in the kitchen.  I didn’t even feel an ounce of regret – hormones make you behave terribly and I was only 15.  Later I went out with another Glee Club Member, M.  I dumped him on a boat halfway to an island on a school trip.  He spent the rest of the trip miserable.  What a heartless floozy I was… 😊

Much later I discovered there were some other boys who had a wee crush on me, so perhaps the senders are still anonymous.  Maybe sweet V. send the rude one – I could still extract the DNA… I hope you have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!


44 thoughts on “Which suitor did I choose?

  1. I really can’t believe you still have the cards!
    Think it’s typical teenage behaviour. Although my little granddaughter is 18 today and such an innocent by comparison.
    Lovely Tibby. Is that Nana’s chair?
    Happy Valentines Day❤️
    His bones are in a little chapel in the Gorbals.

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    • Happy Belated Birthday to your precious wee granddaughter. Don’t tell her what we got up to at that age… Kids today seem to mature later and that’s not a bad thing. That was my mum’s Swedish chair but I had Nana’s rocking chair until last year when I donated it.
      PS I thought you meant Tibby’s bones were in a wee chapel in the Gorbals. Bwa ha ha!
      Happy Valentine’s Anne 💌


    • Thank you, Peggy. At least two brought their wives so I couldn’t ask them. They probably wouldn’t remember anyway. I remember being a little overwhelmed especially by a left fielder who said he had a crush on me but didn’t say ask me out. Everyone was delighted that I had brought old letters, stories and photos (but not the Valentine Cards)!💌

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  2. You had a great sense of humour and loved to have fun way back, Kerry. Sounded like you were very popular in school 😀 Valentine’s Day cards were so common back in the day. These days handwritten cards are still around but I guess with technology and all they take a backseat. But chocolates seem to have always been, and still are very popular. Lovely that Teddy gives you cards. He sounds like the perfect sweetheart for you 😍

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  3. The good old days. If you were the shy type it was an ideal, less embarrassing and non-creepy way of getting a girl’s attention. I wouldn’t have a clue what the kids do now but I imagine card sending isn’t top of the list.

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  4. I guess we all have fond memories of that age, and our sweethearts, I had a girl who made my life miserable all through my High School, she was very pretty, she was about a year and half older, and I was very naïve, and she was set on making me her boyfriend, but she used the wrong tactics, like ridiculing me in front of others, and attacking me for no reason, well her reasons where obvious, but not to me, at the time, too shy, and dumb!
    It was not until four years later on a chance encounter at a train station, that I found out she was in love with me, but of course, at that time she was already married, and given birth to her first son. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😒

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  5. Well, there’s many reasons why we love a person, actually I knew that girl since I was a child, barely five years of age, she was as I mention about a year and a half older than me, our parents left my elder brother her age (actually he was born, three days later than her) and myself at a neighbor of hers, party, but we never being left alone on a place full of kids, unknown to us , so my brother start to cry, she arrived on a bicycle, got off of it and yell to my brother: “What a crying baby, you should be ashamed of yourself!” She was right but I did not like her making fun of my brother, so swiftly I hit her on her eye, and of course she start crying, and I said mockingly: “Look who is crying now!”
    What can I say? I was a child, but at the time did not knew what the future had in store for me, I got myself a secret crush, and an enemy for life!!🤦‍♂️🤣

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      • Well, to begin it’s not short but quite long, in fact she was ahead two years at the same school, but she spent two years in the US away studying English, and she returned and landed at my classroom, as I started High School, I knew deep down she did not like me, since when by chance she run in to me, on our small town, she will not miss a chance to infringe upon me her sarcasm, and dislike, but I try to avoid her, but she took on herself the job to harass me at every chance she had, but was very smart, and cunning, and did not do it directly, but she used other people to intrigue against me, and made me the center of unwanted attention, and ridicule, from teachers, and fellow students, now they call that behavior bullying.😒
        But you are right, at least to me, it’s a story that need to be told, I do not think I will like to publish it, friends of both will knew immediately, some of my friends at High School when I go to my hometown, they still laugh about it remembering, too bad it could not be, sometimes I wonder if she feels the same?😘

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