Ruby Anniversary Trip

After our anniversary trip was Covid Cancelled, we decided to take a road trip to our favorite part of the Gulf Coast in Texas. Our final destination was Rockport/Fulton, an idyllic fishing, wildlife and artist colony. This is a silhouette of Teddy looking for dolphins at our hotel. We saw them all day, every day. A Mom, Dad and baby dolphin who delighted in taking the catch of the leisure fisherman’s lines.

The sand at Mustang Island is perfectly soft and white. I love getting my toes in the beach but then hate having sandy sandals all day…

We ate at our favorite fish restaurant in Rockport, Latitude 28.02. I dressed to match the shrimp sculpture outside the front door. Drum and Triple Tail were on the menu – local fish and freshly caught. It was so good we went again the next night.

Eagerly awaiting our fish dinner as was the Great White Egret below

We bought each other the same anniversary card although you can see that one of us is more romantic than the other from the inside notation below. Love my Teddy (Oso in Spanish)!!!

It was a perfect vacation, especially since we saw those crafty cetaceans aka sea kittens.

62 thoughts on “Ruby Anniversary Trip

    • Thank you, Katharine, witness to the event!! The mum dolphin seemed to be teaching the baby how to navigate the docks and how to steal fish! Dad was quite large and did belly rolls for us all at breakfast time – the hotel was on a marina.

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  1. Happy anniversary to you both. 40 years is an achievement. Well done!
    Looks so lovely where you visited. I’d love to see a wee baby dolphin.
    The restaurant sounds excellent. Hope you had a great time.
    Warmest wishes
    Anne ❀️

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  2. Aww I’m so glad you got to do a little trip in the end! “I dressed to match the shrimp sculpture outside the front door.” πŸ˜‚ Nah, you look beautiful! It sounds like a fab time – good food, matching cards, dolphins all day long, what more could you want?

    Caz xx

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