Knitted Pantaloons

I was all set, getting ready to leave the house to go to the Dentist. Then I saw a flicker of gray in the garden and crept to the window. It was a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk, resplendent in knitted pantaloons. If I was little, I would ask my Nana to knit me a stuffed Hawk just like this one.

The Juvenile was very skittish and as I went to get my camera out of the drawer, I noticed a squirrel staring intently at the hawk from the fence. Part of me wanted to warn the squirrel but I really wanted a photograph… We have plenty of squirrels and this one was curious, not scared! Baby Cooper posed so nicely for me, showing off her fabulous plumage. I need to get an outfit of taupe and steel gray now.

Eventually, I made a noise as I was trying to poke the camera through the Venetian blinds and the hawk flew off straight into the squirrel. My heart was in my mouth wondering what would happen next but the feisty squirrel fluffed up her fur like a cat and terrified Baby Cooper. They eat much smaller prey than squirrels. Our squirrel stood her ground, saying, “That is MY Nut Mom and MY garden.”

Please come visit us again, little hawk! I want to see those yellow feet…and those fluffy pantaloons.


When I went out on the walking path yesterday, I met Baby Cooper! She sat in her tree while I have a one side conversation with her. There is an open invitation for her to visit my yard.


60 thoughts on “Knitted Pantaloons

  1. Fantastic pictures Kerry. It won’t be long before this male sparrowhawk will be king of the forest and your backyard. We have them too, from Barskimming Estate. I feed birds all year round and it is like having the Golden Arches beside your property. I reckon that as it takes a bird only 3 days to die if it is not fed and that it makes it more likely that a brood will survive, that feeding the birds results in more survivals despite the sparrowhawk and cat predation.

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    • Thank you, Katharine. Cooper’s Hawks are a little bigger than sparrow hawks but they do enjoy eating little birdies. Our trees are well stocked with food for the critters so our peanuts are just a treat. The squirrels eat pinecones like corn on the cob!

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  2. Wow, what a fascinating visitor, Kerry and you captured him so beautifully. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some species of birds of prey are considered among the most beautiful ones and for me, they are definitely hawks. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ™‚ Aiva xx

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  3. Fabulous pictures Kerry. Loving the CooperHawk pantaloons. Rocking the MC Hammer look… can’t touch this🀣
    I love feeding the birds but have a small hawk eating them and leaving the carcass on the grass 🫣

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