Pre-Colombian Art Museum, Costa Rica

It has been years since I browsed in a museum and this one in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, was a treat. The Pre-Colombian Gold Museum was located in a subterranean building beneath the very modern Plaza de la Cultura. Costa Rica is one of the Blue Zone countries were people live a long healthy life. I thought the scene with the undertaker was touching in it’s simplicity.

Understated but exquisite gold jewelry – you could wear it today.

The items above are inhalers – so much more fun than Vicks! Don’t commit any drug offences in present day Costa Rica, though. Very long jail sentences for offenders.

A handsome warrior modelling the neck ornaments and some very large ear plugs.

I really wanted to take the alligator incense burner home but I preferred my Radisson hotel room to a jail cell… Beneath is a ceremonial and intricately carved grinding metate for corn or other substances.

Above is an illustration of all the Costa Rican prehistoric animals. Look to the right – there is a giant sloth.

Plaza de la Cultura, San Jose, Costa Rica

42 thoughts on “Pre-Colombian Art Museum, Costa Rica

  1. Photographer is great! Looks really interesting. Loving the jewellery. Laughing at the middle aged men buying Porsches linked to size🀣
    It’s just above freezing here…. for at least the next month!
    Hope you are both well.
    Love Anne x

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    • It is just above freezing here too – we are having another Texas ice storm over most of the state. I have two pairs of leggings on and I don’t care…
      Thank you, Anne, it was my photography this time but will steal Teddy’s for the wildlife! Keep warm. K x


  2. This looked like a fascinating museum. That alligator incense burner certainly looks like one of a kind. Very cool and very functional at the same time. I also read your last post. Oh my it did sound like a bad start to your trip. But seemed like one of those trips that just gets better and better – and that is a;ways nice rather than the other way round. I hear it’s very cold over there. Take care and stay warm, Kerry πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“

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