24 hours in Tulsa

Hip Tulsa

Even I was surprised by how photogenic Tulsa was. I always take short trips, walk for hours taking photographs and then am exhausted. Tulsa had a very relaxed feel; a small city with so many types of architecture. The Blue Dome building below is on route 66 and was a Gulf gas station built in 1912. Back in the day, the gas station attendant lived in the apartment above. What a cool job that would have been. It has transmogrified into a bar in the past and recently has been bought by the restaurant next door.

The Blue Dome building

It is a very pretty city and the inhabitants seem to take joy in art, whether through architecture or paint or sculpture. I liked this Rotarian statue celebrating their efforts to provide clean safe drinking water around the world. I wonder if they are currently helping in Flint, Michigan?

Safe water sculpture

The Globe

The Bird Family

My final shot in this post illustrates the old with the new. A beautiful Art Deco roof peeping out from the newer skyscrapers.

Art Deco Roof