Grand Junction, Colorado

colorado national monument Grand Junction is a lovely little town in west Colorado, very close to the Utah border. It has the nearest airport to access Moab in Utah. United Express flies regularly from Houston. I was accompanying my better half who was training in the field. When I last went to Moab, I thought that Grand Junction was just lovely and this time the trip was focused there. It seems to be an affluent little town nestled between the most magnificent mountains and canyons. The Main Street is partially pedestrianized and I was really fortunate to be there during the town’s Cinco de Mayo’s fiesta. The sun was shining and everyone seemed so happy. The dancers were local Hispanic young men and women and their families, who mostly looked like migrant farm workers, were proudly applauding their various dance sets. It was very impressive – not just the dancing but the beautifully intricate costumes which must have been expensive. Despite the nearby mountains, the valley is fertile with orchards, vineyards and other produce. Not far from town is the Colorado National Monument, a national park which preserves one of the United States most fabulous landscapes. There are amazing views into the red rock canyons and valleys and it is easily accessible. I drove there early in the morning and it was fantastic watching the sun burn off the morning clouds, illuminating the rosy sediments. It was really easy to negotiate the roads around Grand Junction, get deliberately lost out in the countryside and wind slowly up the canyon roads. Small town living is so appealing when you live in one of the largest conurbations in the US. Click on the link for some lovely photographs and read about my adventures.POSTCARD FROM GRAND JUNCTION – click here