How not to use your new camera…

Well, this is me with my new camera. Even a Zeiss lens can’t help you take good photographs if you are incompetent. 😁
The camera is a SONY DSC-RX100 and apologize for making it look bad!

I am wearing my new skinny jeans reduced to $13 from $54 in JC Penney with an ivory waffle top from Chico’s that I found in a thrift store in Brenham, TX for $5 with the $70 price ticket still on it. My pink sandals were from JC Penney’s a decade ago in a sale. The emerald ring set in silver is from Abu Dhabi.  Bruise on my arm from washing the windows…

So…back to my cell phone. I am sitting out in the humid heat of the sub-tropics and have had my makeup on for 4 hours.

I am wearing Glamglow Glowstarter illuminating moisturizer in Nude Glow (no foundation) and Makeup Forever Aqua XL eye paint in a silvery grey (it really stays on).  Revlon lipstick, mascara and blush.  Newly cut hair in whatever blond color was in the cupboard.  Life is too short to pay $100 for hair color!



Thrift Store Chic

DSCN1040front chinese jacket
When we visited Nacogdoches this summer, I noticed that the local thrift store had a summer sale. Win, win! I would have gone in whatever – just to browse. This was a gold mine – most of the clothes were in excellent condition. The shop was large and very well organized with different colored tags to tell you how much the sale item cost. Well, either somebody gained or lost weight or more sadly died because I found half a dozen items that looked like they were made for me. I gave everything but the jacket a quick wash but I could have worn them straight away. The fabulous jacket was from Chico’s originally and would have been very expensive and was under $5. Always recycle your clothes through friends or organizations. If they are worn there are industries that use rags and I cut up the soft clothes to make dusters or cloths. If you click on the red link you will see two more garments.THRIFT STORE CHIC click here