Perros in PV

A Chihuahua in Mexico

I love all animals but I am really a cat person.  Dogs love me, though!  I loved the idea of seeing a real Mexican chihuahua and he was very nicely behaved.


I can’t resist puppies and this one was playing with his plastic spoon.  I wonder what he was imagining about the spoon? There may have been ice-cream on it…  I doubt he was a special breed but he loved being cuddled.


Look at that sad face…  This is Sally, one of the Hacienda dogs, who was really full of fun.  The Hacienda owner had been manipulated into taking her in as a puppy because the original owner threatened to drown her in the river because she was an unwanted litter pup.  Sally really landed on her feet, having the run of a glorious home.  I snuck her some breakfast and she followed me everywhere. She even wanted to share my bedroom.  It was the only offer I got…LOL!