stag bandera
Aren’t they beautiful? This is a small herd of deer that we spotted just behind the main street of Bandera – the Cowboy Capital of Texas. They were grazing by the stream, taking advantage of the free range hen’s food and blissfully unaware of the busy street just yards away. Unlike everything else, Texas deer are much smaller than those in Scotland and if you click on the postcard you will see a baby fawn who is not much bigger than the chicken – extra cute. It is such a pity that they taste so nice… We were on the second half of our trip that started in Rockport (see last blog post) and took Texas State Highway 16 west out of San Antonio which is the old stage coach route. It was a vividly bright, sunny, cold day – perfect for touring and sight-seeing. There were still hitching posts, to tie your horse, in the main street. It was a good mix of locals and tourists but I suspect it would be busy with day trippers at the weekend. There were shops that catered to Western Wear and I eavesdropped on two ranchers talking about water shortages. The many antique shops were full of amazing stuff – you could spend all day in the Bandera Antique Mall which had free coffee and friendly vendors. The River Medina crosses through the town and it is a slow-moving vivid green stretch of water. Bandera was originally settled by Polish immigrants and St Stanislaus Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Texas. To read more about how much fun we had and timeshare ‘water-boarding’, click on the red link. POSTCARD FROM BANDERA -click here


whooping crane reflection This beautiful creature is the reason why I went to Rockport, on the southwest coast of Texas, with my birdwatching better half. It is a whooping crane, the tallest bird in North America. In 1941 it was close to extinction with just 41 birds in the wild but conservation of habitat means that there are now approximately over 500 birds in the wild. Our cranes breed in Canada in the summer and winter in the south to safely bring up the baby cranes. In Texas they eat gourmet – blue crabs, crustaceans and other delicious seafood. So did we! Rockport is a pretty little fishing town about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, a busy industrial seaport. Both cities are close to the border with Mexico, so have a Hispanic flavor. In summer, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the beautiful beaches in this locale, some of which are in conservation areas. In winter it is quiet and unusually, we had very bad weather on the second day. To read more about Rockport click on the red link. click here – Postcard from Rockport