Muscovy Ducks

daddy muscovy duck

This handsome fellow was sitting by the edge of the pond, watching us but not prepared to move until we showed signs of wanting to predate him. I have eaten duck (European upbringing) but it is quite strong meat not even helped by a la orange sauce. The traditional fowl to eat at Christmas in Britain was goose but it is also quite gamey. Since I am almost vegetarian, this duck was quite safe as was his beautiful family. The last time we photographed them was a few months back when they were tiny ducklings. They were very intent on eating their Thanksgiving pond weed which seemed to be delicious. I didn’t know much about Muscovy ducks until I researched them. Many of them are domesticated but these are wild ducks at the northern edge of their territory which extends from central America to the southernmost tip of south-east Texas.

As I was writing this, I gave my husband my best Donald Duck impersonation. He thinks it is pathetic because I am not making actual words but I think it is pretty good. He is just jealous of my skills…

muscovy ducks


lima peru 213This is how they celebrate Christmas in Lima, Peru. This unusual tree was in a fancy new shopping center – Jockey Mall. It was situated close the mountains and local village people came down to window shop. One little native girl just stopped and stared at me with my white skin and blonde hair. Her mouth fell open and I am sure she thought I was otherworldly. We went there in November 2013 and it was very strange that it was springtime, almost summer, as they are on the other side of the equator. Lima was full of surprises; fabulous antiquities and Spanish architecture mixed with a rapidly developing modern city. Did you know that it is the gourmet capital of Latin America? Yummy food. Peruvians were friendly, hospitable, very orderly and straightforward. I could live there if the weather wasn’t so strange. We felt cold but got sunburn; there was a sea fog coming off the Pacific which made the arid, hot, climate feel deceptively cool. The beaches were beautiful with many happy surfers. I want to go back! Click on the red link to read all about Lima. FELIZ NAVIDAD FROM LIMA click here