Flirting in El Paso

Looking out my hotel window at dawn towards Mexico

Looking out my hotel window at dawn towards Mexico

This title is more innocuous than it sounds. I flirt with everything – cats that I meet, old ladies, young men. It must be part of my personality or I have inherited my Dad’s charisma. When I worked in community mental health, I developed a knack of getting people to trust me quickly by gently focusing on them and asking pertinent questions. You can probably imagine that if you are a guy and met me at a bar then you would think your luck was in…and it certainly would be, having the pleasure of my company (so humble, too).

Amazing bank with a bell tower, right under my window

Amazing bank with a bell tower, right under my window

I met a fellow blogger, Lisa on one evening and that was a delightful experience – see this post Kerry in the City. On two consecutive nights, I chatted to a charming Silver Fox at the bar who was in El Paso on business (the other Hispanic Silver Fox (Senor Fox de Plata) was just interested in sex….) Gringo Silver Fox told me all about his wife but clearly enjoyed the ‘flirting’ enhanced with a Scottish accent. We left at the same time and took the elevator upstairs. As we got to his floor, I bid him goodnight and he awkwardly hugged me and then ran away! Is my sexuality so potent that he was afraid I would drag him back to my lair?? He took me by surprise and I had a small concern about meeting him on the third night in case I had to gently turn him down. Actually, I am really tactless so it wouldn’t be gentle 😆

Roof top bar Hotel Indigo

Roof top bar
Hotel Indigo

On the third night, I was chatting to a fascinating guy. He was the lighting guy for Penn and Teller (Non-Americans might like to click on the red link), who were starring in the local theater. I learned a secret…Teller does actually talk, all the time! As we were laughing and talking, Silver Fox came up and said hello to me. I greeted him with a warm smile but as soon as he realized I was chatting to a much younger guy, he made an excuse to make a call and disappeared completely. Awwww – it was like being at high school💋. Lighting guy then had to leave so I just chatted to the bar staff until a very attractive woman came up and sat next to me.

She made a comment about the awkwardness of sitting at a bar – I am never awkward since my blessed tongue won’t stop even when I want it to! By the next drink we were sharing cosmetic secrets, love lives – it was a ‘bromance’ for girls!!! (Some how ‘sismance’ doesn’t do it) She was very well preserved, a couple of years older than me and dressed beautifully. Then we started telling each other how amazing we looked (for our ages). Somehow it was even more fun flirting with a heterosexual woman because you knew she wasn’t just saying it just to get your knickers off! We have since emailed.

I teetered off to bed, relieved but a little sad that I didn’t have to turn down the nice Silver Fox. I wonder if any of the bar staff said, “She could talk the hind legs off a donkey” or whatever the Spanish equivalent is.

PS. I found two Spanish phrases that might apply to me –

• En boca cerrada no entran moscas
Flies don’t enter a closed mouth
Meaning – Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut

• Mucho hablar y poco decir juntos suelen ir
Talking lots and saying little usually go together
Meaning -Someone who talks too much, but actually doesn’t really say anything

Kerry was stood up – WHAT?????

Kerry in open air atrium of King's Courtyard Inn, Charleston

Kerry in open air atrium of King’s Courtyard Inn, Charleston

The person that took this photograph of me in Charleston STOOD ME UP! I don’t recall ever being stood up before and especially not by a woman. Before your imaginations go off into the gutter about a bisexual fling in Charleston, it was just another lady guest at our beautiful hotel, The Fulton Lane Inn. I booked the hotel on Hotwire with one of those ‘don’t know which hotel is until you pay for it’ and was astonished at what a good deal it was. The hotel was right in the middle of historic downtown, perfect for a short stay.  To be honest, I expected it to be run down with cockroaches but it was truly a 5 star experience! To start with there was a complimentary breakfast which you could have delivered to your bedroom (for no extra cost) or eat in atrium of the main hotel, The King’s Courtyard Inn, where I am standing. Not only that, it was delicious – fresh pastries, juice, coffee, oatmeal, fruit etc. From 5 – 6 pm they had wine and snacks (also complimentary) in this atrium area, followed by dry or sweet sherry at 6.30 pm which you could take up to your room. This had to be a bargain break for me because Teddy had still not found work so it was perfect.

My beautiful spacious room at the Fulton Lane Inn

My beautiful spacious room at the Fulton Lane Inn

So, back to my date, I met her the first evening and she offered to take my photograph. She was a lovely lady who was waiting for her husband sail the boat up to Charleston from Miami. We had plenty in common so she asked me if I would like to meet up the following evening. I didn’t really want to, not because I didn’t like her, but I just wanted to be free without a timetable. Politeness, however, made me say yes. I organized my day around meeting her then and she dumped me.  My suspicion is that she looked at my blog and was put off by major depression or sexual fluidity!  On the second night, it was very busy with hotel guests and I felt awkward saving a seat for my date when there was a shortage. Eventually, I realized she wasn’t coming but that didn’t stop me talking to almost everybody. There were Americans, Germans and English people. I mentioned to one lady that my husband was adopted and she snuck away from her husband and mother to share a secret with me. A previously unknown son of her husband had turned up at their door. He wasn’t even aware of the son’s existence and hadn’t told her mother who was sitting at the next table. Isn’t it amazing what people share with strangers? Or is it just me?

There was a nice looking man sitting on the fountain so I just predated smiled at him instead. He was from Dallas, happily married and ‘bought’ me a glass of wine (you were obliged to tip the young server). We had a nice chat, he went to do some work emails and I went out to another river view rooftop bar for dinner. The first evening, I went to this lovely bar below at the Vendue Hotel.

The Rooftop Bar at The Vendue Hotel

The Rooftop Bar at
The Vendue Hotel

I loved looking one way at the water and the other at the historical spires – magical. The second rooftop bar was enclosed and less enjoyable but the food was good. I watched a Queen Bee of a medical practice hold court over all her male worker bees that had bow ties on – fascinating!

Husk Restaurant

Husk Restaurant

I really wanted to eat at this gorgeous restaurant but it looked like a Bunny and Teddy experience. The next time I will take him and stop predating innocent businessmen… 🙂