Gattageo LLC

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DRUM ROLL…….we officially launched our new company a few days ago. At Gattageo LLC we offer unique field trips to areas of geological interest to both non-geologists and professionals along with traditional services. Andy (aka Teddy) has years of experience in this field and has the capacity to make you excited about the earth, our landscape and natural monuments. I will provide the joie de vivre at visits to wineries and with funny stories…

All the photographs on his website are his own, he sells some through Getty Images, and a field trip will offer fantastic camera opportunities for this participants. I could not be more proud of the magnificent website he created with very little aesthetic input from me – although the name was my idea. Even if you have no interest in a field trip, take a look at the layout as it’s striking. Perhaps you could pass this information onto your company as it would be a perfect team building trip for people who sit in offices all day?

You will enjoy the bio page and learn a little more about Teddy and Bunny. As usual click on the red links to see the website.