Mrs. Stripe



Mrs. Stripe was the first cat we truly noticed in Cairo. We had left Britain with absolute certainty that we would never have pets again…freedom at last. Sigh. She was an exquisite cat, brown tabby with gorgeous titian highlights. We admired her beauty but left her to her own devices. After I had started volunteering at the cat shelter, I noticed that she was limping. I asked the Sudanese manager of the cat shelter to help my husband and I trap her so that we could take her to Dr. Farouk, the local veterinarian.

That sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Well, we trapped her in our bedroom and all three of us tried to catch her. It was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She must have been walking on the ceiling because how else did she spray liquid poo all over it, the walls, the carpet, the bed and the furniture? Time stopped, a la Matrix, but still we couldn’t catch her. We were all so traumatized that I called time out, while sobbing, and we all left the bedroom, leaving the door open for her to escape.

I was beside myself with grief, worried about her injury and certain that she would never visit us again. Why should I care when we were never going to have pets again…? The next day I caught my breath when I saw her coming through the hedge followed by two 6 week old kittens. I started crying because it was obvious that she was telling me that she couldn’t allow us to trap her because she had kittens to feed. So then we had Mrs. Stripe, Toffee and Treacle. Miraculously, her chase around the bedroom had increased her adrenaline so much that the injury had healed overnight.

If you would like to read more about Mrs. Stripe and our other street animals in Cairo please check out my Kindle book about our 2 years in Cairo during the 2nd Gulf War.

We still have geriatric Mrs. Stripe who is almost 14 years old, her daughter Toffee and another weird one that we picked up along the way. This time we said absolutely no more pets until my husband just named the outside feral cat that has recently had kittens. I am trying to feed her up so I can neuter and release her. After some argument (he wanted to call her Tess – really?), she has been named Katniss which is much more appropriate to her feral and predatory nature. On a tangential note, Mrs. Stripe has bad muscle deterioration from her early gymnastic life and now has to take Gabapentin. We decided to use some of our stock – we have a small pharmacy at home – but that involved opening a 100 mg capsule and dividing into 10 for a cat dosage. I was flummoxed but looked in amazement as my husband started using a pen knife to divide it up like cocaine. Is he having a Breaking Bad experience or did we just watch too much of it?



Sorry, sorry and thank you!

Zhenny and Kerry 2014

This is what I am going to look like for the next few days. I am in word hell trying to figure out the best words to use in my article and keep within my word count without leaving out something critical. This a brief break to apologize if I don’t respond quickly or post anything interesting.

I tried to catch up with likes and followers over the weekend and was surprised that one comment on another’s poetry blog was quite unpleasant and rude. If the commentator had any sense he would have noticed some disordered thinking in the poetry. If you don’t like something – just move on. I have had a few likes that were from dubious sources or from people with very different views from me. I just ignored them and hoped they went away to the WordPress prison (is there one?).

Hypocritically, I opined on someone’s blog idolizing Steve Jobs. The man created some amazing products and was very rich but I don’t think we should emulate him to enhance our lives. It’s just stuff!!! There are so many people in this world to admire including the Tunisian quartet who won the Nobel Peace Prize. This is a quote from the Washington Post –
An alliance of Tunisian workers, employers, lawyers and activists won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a decision meant to honor the quest for democracy in the nation that gave birth to the Arab Spring as well as urge it on at a time when its still-tenuous gains are increasingly under threat.

My brain is hurting so I am going to binge on TV. BTW, I have washed and the cats haven’t had to wash my armpits (you know who you are, fellow blogger…)
BTW.2 here is the link to my book which I haven’t had time to publicize –