A Night at the Museum

kerry dinosaur2
For many years my husband and I have been attending a geological dinner at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Normally the idea would make my eyes glaze over – I married him because he had blonde curly hair and a really nice ass not because he was a geologist. The first one was a very pleasant surprise and the best part is that we eat dinner under and alongside the dinosaurs when the museum is closed. At the end of the meal, awards are given to some amazing young students and we hear a talk from an ‘interesting’ geologist. This may seem like an oxymoron and despite my personal experience these speakers have me enraptured. One handsome guy was the only NASA geologist (and also astronaut) to go into space. His descriptions of the moon rock and the view of earth from space had us hooked. Another speaker had discovered a new prehistoric species dinosaur of in Texas and another had sailed from one the Nile tributaries in Ethiopia to the mouth of the river. These talks are designed to appeal to the spouses and children of the many geologists in Houston. Sometimes geologists marry each other but that feels wrong – kind of like marrying your rock cousin… I hope you realize that my tongue is firmly in my cheek? Click on the link to read about an even more special night at the museum and see some of the dinosaurs.A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2015 – Click here