Clouds and Water

I thought it was snowing on the way to Rockport, Texas. That was very unlikely given the 100 F temperature. To my intense excitement, it was little bits of cotton in the air. The fields were full of cotton crop or wrapped bales. The pink wrapper is in honor of a cotton farmer’s wife who died of breast cancer.

This is the sky at sunrise over the bay. The dark clouds just disappeared even though they briefly promised water in a drought…

An almost empty beach at Mustang Island State Park. Even though it was early in the morning, it was too hot, with warnings to stay inside because of the high UV.

Sunrise sparkling on the dock in Fulton. The sentinels are brown pelicans, getting in some early fishing before the dolphins arrived.

A fishing chair outside our hotel at Port Lavaca, looking onto Matagorda Bay. I lived dangerously and went beyond the sign – nothing happened. When I looked at the sign later, I noted the last sentence. Alligators, methinks! There was also an oyster bed to the left of the chair.

Happy memories of summer although it is still 98 F here – longing for a real Fall.


whooping crane reflection This beautiful creature is the reason why I went to Rockport, on the southwest coast of Texas, with my birdwatching better half. It is a whooping crane, the tallest bird in North America. In 1941 it was close to extinction with just 41 birds in the wild but conservation of habitat means that there are now approximately over 500 birds in the wild. Our cranes breed in Canada in the summer and winter in the south to safely bring up the baby cranes. In Texas they eat gourmet – blue crabs, crustaceans and other delicious seafood. So did we! Rockport is a pretty little fishing town about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, a busy industrial seaport. Both cities are close to the border with Mexico, so have a Hispanic flavor. In summer, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the beautiful beaches in this locale, some of which are in conservation areas. In winter it is quiet and unusually, we had very bad weather on the second day. To read more about Rockport click on the red link. click here – Postcard from Rockport