Shades of blue

I have a busy work week and am traveling soon but after that we will return to Mexico. How many shades of blue can you see in the photograph? The blue green of the Caribbean is so lovely contrasted against the blue sky. This is the pier at Celestun, Mexico on a windy but warm day. There is no one on the beach behind me – a little piece of heaven. Despite my last post, my mood is not blue just reflective.

Hello Sailor!

Mexican Naval Eye Candy

Well, I have met some handsome naval guys during my life but this gorgeous specimen took my breath away caught my eye. Can you hear the low cougar purr as I admired this young cub? He was standing outside the Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta to draw in cougars, kittens and the large gay population of the town. Well, I assume that… Just like my mum would, I went straight up to him and starting talking to him. My mum, who had a thing for Hispanic men, would have fainted. He was charming, articulate with perfect English. He told me all about the museum but I wasn’t really listening.

Eventually, I did go into the Museo Histórico Naval de Puerto Vallarta (The Naval Museum) and what a revelation it was. It was small but beautifully created. The naval history of Mexico was quite fascinating from Conquistadors to current life. All the staff was enlisted naval personnel and it struck me that this was an excellent job in an area that had limited opportunities for young people. It was situated right on the promenade so you couldn’t miss it.

Stained glass ship

The piece de resistance was this amazing stained glass artifact in the coffee shop. What I couldn’t photograph was the light display on the ceiling which was a constellation. Wow! The coffee was also the best I had tasted in Puerto Vallarta. I was curious as to why it wasn’t busier but not all the naval staff had much English. How hard is it to ask for “Un cafe latte, por favor?” It amazes me that English speaking tourists travel all over the world without even a phrase book. On occasion I have had to resort to clucking like a chicken in restaurants but at least I try…🐔

As I sat in this beautiful coffee shop, looking at the sea, I pondered my Mexican ancestors and hoped that they were proud that their ‘grand-daughter’ was determined to visit one of my homelands and understand how amazing they were.  I also realized how lucky I was to have the ability to travel the world.


whooping crane reflection This beautiful creature is the reason why I went to Rockport, on the southwest coast of Texas, with my birdwatching better half. It is a whooping crane, the tallest bird in North America. In 1941 it was close to extinction with just 41 birds in the wild but conservation of habitat means that there are now approximately over 500 birds in the wild. Our cranes breed in Canada in the summer and winter in the south to safely bring up the baby cranes. In Texas they eat gourmet – blue crabs, crustaceans and other delicious seafood. So did we! Rockport is a pretty little fishing town about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, a busy industrial seaport. Both cities are close to the border with Mexico, so have a Hispanic flavor. In summer, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the beautiful beaches in this locale, some of which are in conservation areas. In winter it is quiet and unusually, we had very bad weather on the second day. To read more about Rockport click on the red link. click here – Postcard from Rockport