El Yunque, Puerto Rica

rain over mountain This is El Yunque, the rainforest of Puerto Rico. It took me forever to decide on a photograph that somehow encapsulated everything I felt about the rainforest. This one shows the height, the rain, the coolness and the endless shades of green in the forest. El Yunque was absolutely magical and such a change in climate from hot, sunny San Juan. I researched the various tours around Puerto Rico and finally decided on Eco Tours which took small groups in a shuttle bus to the rainforest. I called from Texas and although we could understand each other, my Scottish accent was making communication difficult. Spelling my name was trick; K for Kettle, A for Alpha and then she stopped me, saying, “You are saying E but then Alpha”. I explained that it was my Scottish accent that made my Es and As sound interchangeable. We got through the name but then I managed to give my credit card numbers in Spanish, so all was well. The Senora told me that we must wait for the bus at Café Berlin in the Plaza Colon at 9 am. I burst out laughing as it sounded like an assignation that you would give a spy. Nevertheless, on our second day in Puerto Rico, we were waiting in Plaza Colon. At precisely 9 am, a lady turned up in a bus wearing a tree frog hat. I was convinced she was her guide but the company name was different. About 10 minutes later, she came back again and asked our names, we had been subcontracted to another company – another small miscommunication. We then picked up the other tourists from various hotels and proceeded south to the rainforest. Click on the red link to read more. POSTCARD FROM EL YUNQUE – click here