What is this?

A mystery…

Those strange markings in a circular pattern; flying saucers or just saucers?  Did a small alien land in my garden?  No…just a very fussy feral kitty called Katniss who decided that she doesn’t like gourmet chicken with tomatoes.  I fed her first and then went in to tend to Toffee who was wailing because Katniss was fed first.  I glanced out afterwards to check on Katniss and she was standing staring at me through the window.  Her dish was missing too, so I went out to see what had happened.

She stared at me with her little round green eyes and I started laughing when I saw that she had covered (the very expensive) food with stones and dirt.  “Would you prefer something else, Princess?” “Yes, please, strange human mummy”  She deigned to eat the crunch but was silently condemning me for my poor grocery shopping.

I suppose she looks rather well fed and spoiled for a feral.  She has a strange psychic ability over me and I can sense she has arrived in the garden waiting for food, even when I can’t see her.  My car noise is immediately identifiable and that often brings her running.  Toffee often knows when her Dad is turning into the street before he arrives at the house.  Animals have amazing sixth senses.

I caught a cold this week, just a regular snuffly nose one, but it turned my brain to jelly.  During a phone call I could not remember my home telephone number which I have had for 14 years.  My recent travel photos are waiting for me to turn into a Postcard from Kerry but they will have to wait until my brain recovers.

My heart goes out to our neighbors at Santa Fe, Texas with another school shooting by a disturbed young man whose father’s guns were available.  They should be locked in a gun case.

My heart glows to see Prince Harry marry a biracial American.  As Teddy knows, all the smart guys marry one of those…❤

20 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Cats are the most interesting of all animals going. I had them as companions over the years and are such a delight. They all have different personalities. They are such a delight to me.
    Yes sad about the Texas shooting. When you can get assault rifles as self-defence that is pretty sad, It is such a gun culture.

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  2. Nice Post. Your cat surely has a form pf psychological control over you. She is a cat that knows what she wants nd makes it clearly known! Get well soon Kerry and I echo the sadness on the new school shootings.

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  3. Katniss certainly knows how to show her displeasure (a trait I cannot decry since I am fairly good at it too!). I do hope your brain returns from the jellysphere soon but in the meantime just take good care of you. Animals are savvy in ways that are quite beyond our ken …. the sooner we learn that the better. The shooting was a terribly sad affair and yes, lock the guns away, period. And Harry? Harry and Meghan make me beam from ear to ear – I do believe they are a force for the good and that they will use the position they have and the enormous pull that they generate to the benefit of many whose needs need highlighting. Long live the happy couple 🥂

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  4. Kitty (our girl cat) always shows us our displeasure when we put her food down and she pretends to bury it. She’s an indoor cat so no dirt… but she’ll “bury” it anyway because why not? Lol. Cats. Great post – hope your cold gets better!

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  5. Hehe! Katniss has wrapped you tightly around her little finger, or rather paw. 😉
    I hope you’ll get better soon – colds are awful.
    The recent shooting had me in shock again, I was so much hoping the student demonstrations would be heard but it seems it’s still a long way until the laws concerning weapons will be changed.

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  6. One of my coworkers actually lives in Santa Fe and his wife knows some of the moms affected. Our mental health laws need work, but in the interim I agree we should all do a better job maintaining the safety of any guns we own to limit their availability to those who may mean us or themselves harm. I have several but they are safely locked up. I do my part.

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