A Gentle Autumn

Teddy and I went out to lunch in our township’s downtown. This is the view from the bridge above the canal. Fall comes gently in the south, if we are lucky. When there is a hurricane, all the leaves are blown away.

Yesterday I visited our pond across the road and it was bitterly cold. This beautiful heron was hunting in the marsh.

Every so often there is an odd tree or bush that is vividly colored and gives a real autumnal pop!

The sun was shining on the water but they avoided the cold water. They always wag their tails like dogs when they see me. I am just as happy to see them. If only I had a tail…


37 thoughts on “A Gentle Autumn

  1. Hope you both have a lovely thanksgiving holiday.
    Beautiful pictures. We have moved from a quick autumn to winter and scraping cars.
    I’m loving the photo journal. It’s great to see what Texas looks like. Your birds are way more exotic than our pigeons!😜

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    • Thank you, Anne. We had a horrible dark thundery day – perfect for Netflix! It is going to rain for the next two days (rainy season) and my garden is glad of the rain. Snow is coming to the north of Texas today…❄❄❄


  2. Autumn is gentle here as well. Although we don’t get the stain glass leaves with the sun shining through them we do get the smell of firewood in the old and idle fireplaces. I have a rose that is about to bloom having had 8 heavy frost with its touch killing what is left of autumn sparing of course the conifers. Be well my friend. Giving you an autumnal hug. I can only imagine you with a tail. Carnival reservation for one ❀

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