Tulsa, Oklahoma

Standing on route 66, Tulsa

I have wanted to visit Tulsa for such a long time. Finally, Teddy had a short business trip so I accompanied him last fall for a one night stay. It is a small city but I saw some fabulous highlights. Oklahoma is mostly flat prairie, uninteresting to some but the sky goes on forever. Tulsa is unusual because it has hilly terrain. It has been a wealthy city for many years – it is an oil city and on route 66.

Fountain in downtown Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa

I expected people to be friendly and they were, with a little reserve. That might be because we travelled the day after the election in 2016. Everyone was frightened to say anything in case they offend their political viewpoint – we still are, for the most part. You could see that the oil slump had affected some of downtown but it was still resplendent with Art Deco architecture in another boom time and more recently with fantastic modern buildings.

Last year was a strange one for me and my health. The trip was in October and in my head I feel that I have aged hugely, in one year, but when I look at the photograph aboveΒ I can see a glimmer of happiness. It is strange how the mirror rarely reflects the truth.
More lovely photographs to come from Tulsa.

27 thoughts on “Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. So glad you got your joys of visiting Tulsa.. really a beautiful pleasure from your photos and your passionate descriptions..

    And you look so delightful in that photo you..
    I really hope you get the chance to revisit for a long stay so you can fully enjoy 😊 the city… and all it has to offer..

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  2. The likes of me would know nothing of Tulsa and Oklahoma only for Gene Pitney and Rogers & Hammerstein. On Route 66 too. If I was ever to visit the US again I’d want to do the biker thing along there. Looking forward to seeing more pics Kerry.

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  3. I can only think of Gene Pitney and what I honestly think is the most dreadful way EVER to dump a lover. Fortunately, reading your lovely tour and looking at you looking absolutely gorgeous (as you always do, by the way) I can assume that Tulsa has gotten over the humiliation of being only 24 hours away when he did the dirty at some divey diner en route …

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    • Isn’t it funny how music inspires us. Galveston is not at all how I imagined, nor Tulsa. Thank you, my friend. Have a lovely weekend – the weather is perfect here. It is the one month when you can take the top of your car and not fry or drown. 😸

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