Happy Hibiscus Hues

Variegated Peach and Coral

I don’t think I had seen a hibiscus until I moved to Egypt.  Our villa garden was gloriously full of the original red hibiscus.  Since living in the States I have discovered so many other shades but never as many as I spotted in San Diego at Balboa Park.

Pale pink

Aren’t the colorful stamens pretty?  Such perfection in a flower.

Deep orange


I love the matching lemon stamens.

Look at those stamens!

I would love dresses in all of these colors, especially this clear red above.

Pale yellow

This was the first time I had seen clustered blossoms of hibiscus.

Deep pink

Cream and crimson


Sometimes it is the small aspects of life that make us happy.  These hibiscus were a distance from the Botanical Garden in Balbao Park and outside the zoo.  Only I seemed to be fixated with the variations of color and taking photographs.  Perhaps they are more common in San Diego?  Ironically, my camera had lost battery power, so all these are taken with my Samsung phone.  My beloved Nikon camera is getting old and slow, so Teddy and I bought me my first proper camera at the weekend.  It is a Sony with a Zeiss lens but most importantly it is really light for my neuropathic fingers to manipulate.

Lush flowers in our garden in Cairo

This is a shot of our beautiful garden in Cairo.  Can you see Toffee hiding in the flowers?  Look for the tail in the path…  Click here if you would like to know more about our adventures in Cairo – Letters from Cairo



32 thoughts on “Happy Hibiscus Hues

  1. Beautiful photos, Kerry! Hibiscus flowers are one of my favourites! The deep pink and the cream and crimson one are gorgeus. And love having spotted Toffee in your lovely garden in Cairo! 😄

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  2. What joy staring at those vivid blooms. I’m with you on the dresses … .you can be Scarlet and I’ll take the Yellow 😀. The last picture is exquisite … Toffee looks exactly as I want to feel gazing upwards with her tail a-dangling all flirty-like! 😘

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    • Thank you so much, Osyth! She was just a kitten cat back then and full of naughtiness. We had little paw prints all over the walls where she used them as a jumping off pad for chasing everything. I think I want to feel like that, too – perhaps she was in heat??? I went bargain shopping today and got cute skinny jeans with embroidery so I am feeling kittenish…

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  3. Beautiful hibiscus! I grew up in South Texas and hibiscus were one of my mom’s favorite flowers. Our yard had every color mom could plant, but she loved yellow the most. Thanks Kerry for bringing back good memories of my mom.

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