The Dystopian State of Texas – 2038

My favorite reading genre is science fiction.  This is just a tale of the future inspired by current events.  It is written in the first person.

Map key

Red line – fortified wall between Texas and Mexico

Green line – almost impenetrable forest between Texas and The Louisiana Wasteland

Gray dotted line – new El Paso territory

It has been 15 years since Imperator Trump became leader of the New American Federation.  No longer the 50 United States but some 30 disparate states, many with new boundaries and names.  In 2018 we were unaware that medical and DNA facilities were collating data about our ethnicity.  Under the guise of scientific advancement, the government had colluded with the data gatherers to make America as white as possible.  Anyone with 85% white or Caucasian genes was reclassified as Pure Citizens.  All others were no longer citizens but subjects; in a caste system.  On rare occasions, subjects could pass as citizens but dare not procreate for fear of recessive genetics.  The caste system is not truly based on darkness of color but your worth to this new society.

A Nigerian doctor might be part of Caste #1 but a Guatemalan farmer could be Caste #4.  Many people of color fled after rezoning to Free States such as those in the Pacific West (formerly known as California, Oregon and Washington) or to other continents.  Curiously, white Neo-Nazis from Northern Europe and Argentina flocked to immigrate to New America and they were welcomed by Imperator Trump.  No one dare call him any other name but they can’t control our thoughts.  I am now an old woman stuck in a country I despise, the country of my birth and ancestors.  Despite my mixed blood, I have 85% Caucasian genes and look as fair as any Aryan.  My hair is snow white, my faded dark blue eyes are cloudy and my skin as fair as milk.  I am treated with veneration to my disgust; for safety I smile at all the compliments and kindness.  Even monsters have some capacity for good, don’t they?

Those subjects who were unable to escape New America now live in ghettos.  Some are better than others; just old suburban areas but clearly differentiated.  No one from Caste #1 can marry, live or have a relationship with someone in Caste #4, for example.  Two doctors of different color in Caste #1 can marry even if one is of Chinese ethnicity and the other Mexican.  To the white citizens, they are all less than pure.  The 85%, as we are known, live in fully armed and gated communities.  A very few are similar to the Mar-a-Lago estates of the old days.  Fort Trump is an example with multi-million dollar homes, gilded from top to bottom.  Imperator style is ornate and gaudy; like one of Imperator Trump’s many casinos.

When the states separated, I hoped that democracy would prevail in Texas but “Make America White” struck a chord in a Republican State.  El Paso had always been blue and was able to create a new territory which is governed and protected by Mexico.  New Mexico, mostly Hispanic, is a Protectorate of Mexico.  Oklahoma and Arkansas merged into what they once were – Indian Territories. In this strange new world, Native Americans have retained power and sovereignty but are not Citizens.  Louisiana is a wasteland; devastated by flooding, hurricanes and poverty.  It has become a disease ridden swamp that only Cajuns and other indigenous people can survive in.

Houston too did not survive the vagaries of the increasingly turbulent weather systems.  The coastline has retreated further north and Galveston has reverted back to a sliver of sandbar.  New Houston has taken the place of Austin as State Capitol.  It is a grim city with no rainbows or sunshine.  It is full of dangerous ghettos as is South City formerly known as San Antonio.  All Spanish words are banned, so Amarillo was renamed Yellow City, a literal translation.  Many times over the years I wished I had kept my Spanish maiden name but a white name kept me safe.  I whisper it under my breath to remind myself of who I am.

So why didn’t I escape to Mexico or Pacific West?  By the time I realized that Texas would succumb, I was a widow and too frail.  I live in the Big Thicket in the same house that I always did.  The forest has encroached and the roads are barely passable.  The ocean is much closer than it used to be and you can smell the ozone on the breeze.  Since I was stuck inside the New Federation and inconspicuous, I have secretly volunteered for the Underground Railroad.  We are close to the Louisiana border and despite the danger many people are willing to brave their lives just for a chance at freedom.  Small boats are guided through swamps by the Cajun Navy until they reach open water.  If they are lucky a refugee rescue boat will attempt to take them to safety.

I laugh bitterly because all we used to worry about was a wall.


I wrote this fictional post in 2018 because of my growing alarm about the MAGA movement and Neo Nazi groups.


47 thoughts on “The Dystopian State of Texas – 2038

  1. Considering today’s state of affairs, this story is far too believable for comfort.
    “Even monsters have some capacity for good, don’t they?” What a powerful, thought provoking rhetorical question.
    Great writing, Kerry.

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    • I agree, Magarisa. That sentence that jumped out at me, too. I read a dystopian novel a few years ago (The Mandibles) in which Latino folks had become the most powerful social group. Many details from that book have stuck in my imagination — as will your image of Louisiana as “a wasteland; devastated by flooding, hurricanes and poverty… a disease ridden swamp that only Cajuns and other indigenous people can survive in….” The upcoming disruptions brought into our lives by increasing climate change may make many of us long for the era of Covid-19 (when most of us still had running water and electricity)… as ‘the good old days.’

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      • Nothing gives me more pleasure than my written words reaching someone, so thank you, Will. It was a work of fiction based on possibilities. Imperator Trump is disappearing and they are making inroads in Louisiana to maintain the wetlands therefore preventing some coastal erosion. The Netherlands are a perfect example of how a country, below, sea level can attempt to address the rising water. We can move, as our ancestors must have done in Doggerland or live on the water. I think I will try a fairy story next to cheer us all up!


  2. Wow! Kerry! This is some dark and yet frighteningly possible vision of the future! I bet Trump would just loved to be called an Imperator!! 😉 That stupid wall makes me wanna scream! Why don´t people learn from their mistakes? Did any wall ever make things better? Start with the Chinese Wall – didn´t work, go the Berlin Wall – luckily was brought down at one point – and the wall in Gaza… The world grows more made with each day it seems, and no one´s going to stop it… If you´re turning this into a novel you need to work fast in order to keep calling it science fiction and not a documentary 😉

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  3. Very worrisome (at least for me) is the seemingly innate/reactive human tendency towards adversarial perceptions of ‘others’ or ‘them’ based on superficial traits, especially color, foreign language and/or religious wear.

    And contemporary social media disconnect, through which we can utter the ugliest of things without consequence (at least for ourselves), is really not helping matters.

    Sometimes I muse that, what humankind may need to suffer in order to survive the long term—indeed from ourselves!—is an even greater nemesis (perhaps a multi-tentacled ET?) than our own politics of difference, against which we could all unite, attack and defeat—all during which we’d be forced to work closely side-by-side together and witness just how humanly similar we are to each other.

    Yet, maybe some five or more decades later when all traces of the nightmarish ET invasion are gone, are we not likely to inevitably revert to the same typical politics of scale to which we humans seem so collectively hopelessly prone; from the intercontinental, international, national, provincial or state, regional and municipal?

    Hypothetically, reduce our species to just a few city blocks of residents who are similar in every way and eventually there may still be some sort of bitter inter-neighborhood quarreling.

    Still, as a human species, we must keep trying our best to (at the very least) behave civilly towards those we perceive as different from us.

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    • I can attest to the similar few blocks of people as I grew up in a public housing estate where Irish Catholics and Scots Protestants were mortal enemies. Mostly we were civil but there were a few exceptions who would loudly play Rebel songs…
      It gave me some hope when they finally put a ‘face’ to Cheddar Man – a very early English immigrant from Europe.
      DNA now shows that he had quite dark skin but light blue eyes. Even more fascinating, the residents of the village of Cheddar who had long lineages had the same DNA, despite looking white and ordinary.
      I suspect (racism/bigotry) it is a horrible side effect of being the top predator species. Our territorial and base savage characteristics come to the top especially when we are frightened.
      I keep being pleasant when people tell me I don’t look half Mexican…

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  4. Very interesting …

    Our (humankind’s) best chance at genuine interracial/intercommunity contentment may come in the form of survival via close proximity and cooperation.

    It reminds me of the beautiful story in the form of the 1985 movie ‘Enemy Mine’.
    According to Google’s summation of the film, “During a war between humans and the reptilian Drac race, spaceship pilot Willis Davidge (Dennis Quaid) ends up stranded on an alien world, along with enemy fighter Jeriba Shigan (Louis Gossett Jr.). While both Willis and his Drac counterpart can breathe on the planet, the environment and its creatures are relatively hostile, forcing the two to work together to survive. As time goes by, Willis and Jeriba become unlikely friends, though their unique relationship faces considerable challenges.’

    If I was a poet, I would watch that movie every year and immediately afterwards write verse from my perspective of the contemporary human condition.

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    • We are indeed kindred spirits. I read the book first and have watched the movie many times. The message resonates as it does in many science fiction tales. Many Americans have ‘forgotten’ that communist Russia were our allies in WWII. Both sides fought incredibly hard to defeat fascism and so many Russians died in that effort.

      You are an excellent writer so why not just write a post after watching Enemy Mine?


    • It was just a tale sparked by some of the anti Latino/Black/Jewish groups and actions. It dove me crazy when people would say that I don’t look or sound half Mexican. In the 70s, Texas was all democrat. We lost our way with greed and oil.

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      • I also cringe when people try to put me in a box (because of my ethnic name). I do recall the south was strongly Democrat in the 60s-70s. Here’s hoping for some truth and integrity to come back together again.

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