A perfect white palette

White Ginger Blossom

White Ginger Blossom

This is the last in my series of Mercer Arboretum. Although all the flowers are white, they are not really the same. Some have a greenish tinge, others pink. When I shopped for my wedding dress over 30 years ago, I realized that there were many shades of white that somebody with a yellow undertone can’t wear. In the end I wore ivory and it was so much more flattering.

Three white trumpets

Three white trumpets

White Hibiscus

White Hibiscus

This exquisite hibiscus is the epitome of beauty in color (or the absence of it). It’s delicate pink stamen peeps out provocatively. The little yellow centred white flowers below, look like they are laughing.

yellow centers

sunny centered white flowers

Wouldn’t this border would be lovely for a bride and groom to stand next to?

Virginal White Border

Virginal White Border

Are there any brides out there who are virgins when they marry? It was quite common in my Irish Catholic community, 30 years ago but my ivory dress was apropos…not quite pure! Isn’t it odd that the majority of us, these days, think there is no great advantage in being a virgin before marriage and those that extol it seem a bit weird. Each to their own, but I think I would at least like a look and a free trial. 💓 LOL!

White Lilies

White Lilies

On a similar note, people of my age usually hate the smell of cut lilies because we had our dead relatives lying in state (the bedroom) with lilies to overcome the faint scent of decomposition. Fortunately, we lived in Scotland and most old people die in the winter so they are more likely to freeze than decompose… 👻 I have a healthy disrespect for the basics of life – we live, we die and hopefully, in between, have some sex.

27 thoughts on “A perfect white palette

  1. My mother wouldn’t let me wear white nor ivory for my first wedding so we settled on a shade they called Champagne. Oddly, having thus silently branded me a minor whore of Babylon she also refused to let me show my shoulders or cleavage or bear arms so my gown was high necked with long sleeves. It was very lovely but not at all me …. Your flowers are stunning – White has SO many shades and textures 💫💫xx

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      • The second one, the one where I married a man she REALLY disliked she announced she couldn’t come because she had a conservative party lunch in her diary that day (I was pregnant and wore a pre-existing not at all weddingly outfit in bottle green – I plead insanity) and the third time, when I wore the dress of MY dreams she didn’t come (it was in France) but gave us a second reception in England. I arrived in my finery and she said loudly ‘and here is the STAR’ … my bubble burst when I realised she was referring to my daughters dog, Brian who was following behind. You have to laugh. Really. You do. Because if I didn’t laugh I would damage something 😉

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