Fall Fungi

Gourmet critter fungi

Here in the subtropics, fall comes late. After enviously looking at other autumnal posts with amazing red and yellow trees, I searched my garden for some sign of winter coming. It is subtle but the leaves are started to drop and the fungi have arrived. I loved the pretty edge of the larger fungus above and noticed that the critters were digging a trench.

Fungus blossom

There can be such delicacy in fungi and I loved this pretty little one, above with a frilly edge. By contrast there was a stoater (Scottish for very big) in the front garden.


There is something kind of scary about some fungi and this one, below, was a little creepy. It looked like straw but the critters had been playing with it, so someone enjoyed it. Right now, one of our garden animals has dug a really big tunnel under the deck and I suspect it is the armadillos. They are getting their new deck ready for cooler nights…it is like living in a commune.Β πŸ„

Strange Fungi…with some colored leaves!!!

I saved the best one for last – a little bouquet of pretty flowers.

Fungus flowers!

29 thoughts on “Fall Fungi

      • Well, I understand you, but we here certainly can do with more. We had 2.1 inches in the last 24 hrs, but that’s definitely not enough as it was the very frst rain sinde Aug. 29.

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      • It really depends, of course, on how much is coming down in what time. Here, in the last few days, we have had what I call “beneficial” rain: fairly constant [with some breaks} and something between a drizzle and a good shower, but never too strong. That is a “soaking” rain that really penetrates into the soil, and doesn’t run off on the surface. Nature will cherish it. Just now we’re having some more of that kind.
        For us, besides checking the rain gauges, a good measurement is whethre the wet weather creek [http://tinyurl.com/gput9v9] at the end of our property flows. As much as we like the sound of the water gurgling over the rocks, and see it flowing, it is also an indication that there is too much rain for the soil to absorb it. Well, actually – I must admit – I really love this creek to flow.

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  1. As a child I was petrified of fungi but these days I am a convert. I find it absolutely fascinating and all of those are beautiful. The little posy of fungal blossom is a delight. But you knew I would be most delighted by the antics of your critters. Chatty Kerry’s Critter Commune! Hunker down Armadillos …. the nights are closing in ❀️

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