Iglesia de la Santa Cruz, PV


It wouldn’t be a travel blog from Kerry without a church – ‘Nana, I hope you are proud of me!’ The church was celebrating mass when we took this shot but were able to go into the side chapel at anytime to pray. One of the local street vendors showed us where to go. I said my usual prayers but there were no candles to light. My favorite part of this shot was the parking stances with the crosses on them. Who would DARE park there?? I can see the lightning bolt now…


The church was not far from the beach and I loved this shot of the vendors on the beach. Those skewers looked really tasty.


This was a typical view of the streets of Zona Romantica – wealthy tourists in a real town. You could see that local people really benefited from the tourist money and many traveled down in local buses from the hills to come to work.

Autoshop and Taco Stand

Autoshop and Taco Stand

I love everything about this shot, close to the river. There is your local family car autoshop and next door a taco stand that has rainbow flags to indicate it is gay friendly. What a fantastic place!

15 thoughts on “Iglesia de la Santa Cruz, PV

  1. You’re right, the skewers look tasty! I’m sure it’s really inexpensive to eat well there. I need to go to Mexico sometime. I want to go to where my great grandparents were from, Michoacan.

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  2. I just adore the colours! There is a hotel in Camberwell, SE London that I stayed in with my third daughter when we shopped for her prom dress 👗 (gosh, that must be nearly 8 years ago) which is an homage to all things Mexican …. its the closest I have ever been to the real thing and the colours effected me deeply and lastingly – your pictures are a lovely reminder of that time xx

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    • Puerto Vallarta is particularly beautiful but each region has a different feel. Baja is less colorful but just as fab. You should take the opportunity to visit Mexico when you are back in the States. Love K x


    • I am not sure I would have eaten those skewers because it was a very hot day. If I see street food cooked in front of me, that’s different. Have only had delicious food in Mexico, so far, but always eat carefully. K x

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